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Anaconda, Android, and Ass: His mom: "I brought him into this world" "But who sucks his dick tho" His mom:"... Fellas we gotta be careful what girls we bring Home to our momma. I remember this one Mother's Day in particular. It was also my birthday that day. I woke up early and cooked my mom a A1 breakfast. Cinnamon Poptarts, a bowl of cereal with a hotdog in it and a piece of cheese for protein. I spent most of the day out enjoying myself. I get back to the crib and my mom made me dinner. My mom makes bomb fried chicken. I'm talking bout some chicken that would make your dick twerk. I'm in the kitchen washing my hands when the door bell rings. My mom answers it. It's my side chick Tia. She showed up with a gift. This wasn't in the side chick agreement. In section 48 A article 2 it says "side pieces are not allowed within 100 feet of my house". I knew this was trouble. I had to come out and act like everything was good. My momma like "oh this the girl you always on FaceTime with". Tia had a android. I see Tia left eye start twitching cause she can't comprehend she's the side chick. The atmosphere of the house is now hostile. My mom invites her to have dinner with us. I'm fucked. My mom and Tia are getting acquainted and getting along. Things were going good for the boy. Till Tia had the nerve to say my momma mac n cheese was dry. Ladies you never insult a mans momma food. She said it doesn't sound like good pussy. I nearly fainted. I knew my momma was gonna check this hoe. I blurt out "Who wants desert?" I moon walked into the kitchen to get my birthday cake. I'm breaking off a piece from the corner when the commotion in he dining room gets louder. I poke my head out to hear Tia says "I think Karon deserves someone who knows how to cook." My side chick lost her rabbid mind insulting my momma food in her house. My mom pull out the "I bought him into this wor." Tia cuts her off "who sucks his Dick from the back tho, while listening to Iggy?". My momma passed out. Now she know my taste in music is like her maccaroni. Tia is no longer my side chick. When my momma woke up she tore my ass up. I died that day. I'm in the other world with King Kai. Someone get the dragon balls and wish me back to life.