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Memes, Titties, and Young Thug: When you glance at your phone in class and your teacher starts throwing a bitch fit telling you to get off your phone NGCA @atlsavagee REALLY TROLL ME On god this is my chem teacher bruh let me tell y'all about this bitch. So the first time shit happens is when my mom text me when some niggas presenting asking me if I'm stayin after school or coming home normally and I don't want my mom to be here to pick me up when I was staying so I take 3 seconds of my time to type "yes" that I am staying after school. This febreeze can Winnie the poo lookin ass bitch tells me to ask a question on the niggas who was presenting and I listened to the whole god damn presentation and all the niggas who already asked questions went when I was texting my mom so fuck am I supposed to do so I just sit there and say I don't know. Then this lil no titty teenage boy lookin ass bitch says that "you shouldn't have been on that phone boy then maybe you might have had a question" BITCH I listened like a respectful ass mf and I been on my phone for 2 seconds to reply to my MOM and u have the audacity to bitch at me? Tf? But this next time is even worse my nigga. We walk in class and we doing warm ups. And let me tell you this teacher can't teach for shit. All she do is talk at 600 mph and nobody fucking understands what she's saying. So I'm doing the warm ups and that shit hard cuz idk wtf to do cuz this bitch teach her lessons like young thug rap his songs smh this bitch inaudible.so I take THIRTY MF SECONDS TO LOOK UP HOW TO DO IT AND I HAVE TO PUT IT AWAY BEFORE I EVEN FIGURE OUT HOW BECAUSE THIS BROKE ASS RONALD MCDONALD LOOKIN ASS BITCH COMES AROUND AND SAYS SHES PICKING ON NIGGAS WHO LOOK LIKE THEY SLACKIN TO ANSWER THE QUESTIONS. this bitch picks me.... NIGGA I SAT THERE STRUGGLING CUZ THIS FUCKING BITCH DONT KNOW HOW TO TEACH SO I SAY "I don't know I haven't gotten it yet" and this bitch ass pissy pussy hoe says "maybe you would have if you weren't on your phone" BITCHHHH I KNOW YOU DID NOT JUST GO THERE HOE. I WANTED TO GO CASH ME OUSSIDE ON THAT HOE SO BAD BUT IM TRYNNA GRADUATE how this bitch gonna tell me I'm slackin when I'm over there erasing harder and more frequently than Kodak got raped in prison like if you was a REMOTELY decent teacher I would have been able to do this shit but u is a pussy ass bitch smh fuck teachers