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Doctor, Life, and Phenomenal: SXS Lensing fuckyeahphysica: Black Holes are not so black! - Part 1 A black hole is a concentration of mass great enough that the force of gravity prevents anything from escaping it except through quantum tunneling behavior.How can you get out of one?PC: the_doctor_00To get out of the earth’s clutches, we need to travel at least at 11.2 km/s also called the escape velocity.Similarly, since the gravitational strength of a black hole is so strong, the escape velocity ( if you intend to leave it ) exceeds the speed of light.Where does it gets it’s gravitational powers?To understand this, let’s do a thought experiment: What would happen if we compress earth to half its present radius without changing the mass density?The gravity at the surface would be four times more because of the “inverse square law”. It gets stronger at shorter distances.And now, say you keep on decreasing the radius even further, the gravity would just keep on spiking to phenomenal levels. This is the secret to the Black Holes extraordinary gravitational powers.How are they even formed?All stars follow a life cycle. I will elaborate on the life cycle in another post, since its kind of long. But this illustration from sciteachers would do for now:Upon reaching a certain critical density, a star will collapse on its own weight. i.e Its radius will keep on decreasing and gravity swooping up at each stage untill it collapses to an almost infinitely small pinpoint.And that’s how black holes are formed and why they have such a huge gravitational pull on Objects.Important Note:Hope you learnt something new about blackholes in this post. This is a series and we will dig deeper as we move down the line. As they say- tiny drops make a mighty ocean. Small baby steps at a time everyday and at the end we will attain colossal clarity! Have a good one.