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Bodies , Logic, and Newman: BUTOTHINKOSEE A PROBLEM ALREADY unaffiliatedpangolin: siryouarebeingmocked: alaija: cisnowflake: weaponizedhorse: nunyabizni: eric-coldfire: simon-newman: jeepsarmitage: doomy: occupy-democrats: mstar1960: occupy-democrats: Imagine wanting to spend billions on something so easily circumvented. I guess lefties think that illegal aliens can walk on water. Wow, you’re right. There’s a huge flaw in my post, I forgot that humans have no way to get across water. Thanks for pointing that out, I’ll get right on deleting this. Gay Mexicans on boats… This isn’t even covering planes Considering how many people from Cuba have died trying to cover the 40 miles from there to the US I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that this would wind up having a higher mortality rate than that. ^^ plus where are all these people getting boats from We also have much better boats that could stop their boats. Well Australia doesn’t have a problem with people walking here, so bodies of water must be somewhat effective at preventing illegal immigration. Those waters are already patrolled. It’s just a perfect solution fallacy (nirvana fallacy) with added snark. The exact high standards of logic I’d expect from occupy-dems. Also, doesn’t O-D support gun control to stop shootings? https://occupy-democrats.tumblr.com/tagged/gun-control Yes, yes they do. Each one of those lines is hundreds of miles long. And the Coast Guard exists. OK but… Ya’ll realize that lots of people do still successfully make it to shore on homemade rafts and shit right? “The Coast Guard exists”, so do border patrol agents. Shockingly they don’t stop everybody.
Beautiful, Dude, and Memes: spacehumans-inspace Humans are ADAPTABLE. As FUCK. Just because something happens to a limb, or part of the body, or a sense, it doesn't actually mean anything. Loose a limb? Put a new one on. Broken bone split open the skin? Pop it back into place and stitch it up. Paralyzed/ physically incapacitated? Wheelchair. Heart problems? Here's a new one. Or, even better, a ROBOT one. Blind? Well, who's to say we don't just outright develop echolocation? Humans are are amazing at adapting to situations that would totally ruin or kill any amount of other species Our adaptability and ingenuity in the application of tools and aides set us apart from other alien species, because who else, apart from stubborn, mad geniuses, would think 'right, something's broken beyond all repair? Or even gone completely? We can sort that out. "Right. So, you're telling me, that you lost BOTH of your legs in war, and instead of dying because you've lost half your body, you just... stuck new ones on?" "Basically, yeah. They're bio-mechanical and detachable. Wanna see?" "Wait, you're paralyzed from the waist down? But surely that's enough of an excuse to... stop working? Rest? You're stuck in that wheeled contraption! Isn't that horrendously awkward and tiring?" "Stuck? Dude, if I didn't have a wheelchair, THEN I'd be stuck. It can be awkward, sure, when places don't have ramps and wide enough doors and stuff, but apart from that, the chair lets me... be free again. It allows me to move and be a contributing human being again. Just, yknow. I've got wheels instead of legs." "You're blind? Wait, if you can't see, then why are you on this ship? Our visually impaired never pass even the first level of clearance Well, I'm hardly a navigator, am I? I'm a translator, I don't need to see. I can speak five earth languages and seven alien languages, and I can get around perfectlyI fine, thank you very much. Besides, that's why l've got my cane "But... you can't see? How can you read?" "Braille, mate. Besides, nobody writes anymore. It's all audio or that brain transmission telepathy shit anyway. "Your crewmate appears to act differently to most other humans I've encountered?" "Oh, Alec? He's lovely. He's got this thing called Aspergers, and whilst there's nothing technically wrong with him, it just means he... he processes things differently to someone without it. He doesn't understand jokes or sarcasm or anything, but he's really kind, and has an amazing green thumb. He tends to the onboard gardens." Right, so I've tried to make a little bit of disability positivity in this little drabble here. If anything I've written here upsets anyone, or appears as incorrect, I apologize sincerely! 2,474 notas positive-memes 99+ Humans are beautiful
Beautiful, Facts, and Memes: Mysterious Photos Of Unexplainably 'Crooked Forest' lin Poland Sometimes the strangest sights are found in nature. In this case, 400 pine trees in the northwest of Poland appear to be almost normal, but they are not. If you look at the base of these trees, you might feel like you’ve just entered a strange mystical fairy tale. All of the trees have the same northward 90-degree bend at the base of their limb. Known as the “Crooked Forest,” this unique site remains an unexplained mystery. Every tree in the Crooked Forest has the same haunting bend, but despite bent beginnings, all of the trees have grown to be tall and seemingly unhampered by their C shape curves. Some experts believe that the trees grew like this because they incurred some sort of damage to the tip and along some side branches. Trees are resilient, and so they continued to thrive, relying on the one branch they had left to take over complete function and grow upwards. Whatever damage occurred to one tree must have happened to them all because they remain uniform in deformity. The Crooked Forest is around 80 years old. It is estimated that the damage that made them look how they do today occurred when the trees were about 7 years old. This would have been before the Second World War reached Poland. Which helps to explain the most popular theory about how the trees came to be crooked. As the story goes, in 1930 a group of farmers planted these trees, intentionally damaging the base in order to create some sort of product, perhaps uniquely shaped furniture. The world may never know if it’s true because the farmers were unable to finish their work after the invasion on Poland during World War II dismantled their plans. ⇒Love ❤️, flow 💬, serve ✨⇐ . . . . . . . . . . . . . nature habitat geyser science amazing facts video natural italy sand wow instatag facts instafun instavideo videos spiritual beautiful london amazingfact memes mindblown fact magic insta sun trees tree poland Credits: 📷 Kilian Schönberger

Sometimes the strangest sights are found in nature. In this case, 400 pine trees in the northwest of Poland appear to be almost normal, but ...

Antidote, God, and Love: <p><a href="http://phantomemes.tumblr.com/post/166125434642/rp-sentence-starters-taken-from-rupi-kaurs-work" class="tumblr_blog">phantomemes</a>:</p><blockquote> <blockquote><p><small>rp sentence starters taken from <b>rupi kaur’s</b> work , <b>the sun and her flowers</b>.</small></p></blockquote> <p><small>“ my heart cracked inside my body. ”<br/>“ no one is coming in and no one is getting out. ”<br/>“ i deserved someone who was willing to stay.”<br/>“ a dozen different thoughts tear through me each second. ”<br/>“ i envy the winds who still witness you. ”<br/>“ i could be anything in the world. ”<br/>“ but i wanted to be his. ”<br/>“ what does love look like? ”<br/>“ i realized how naive i have been. ”<br/>“ i’m about to get up and walk right out the door. ”<br/>“ you cannot walk in and out of me like a revolving door. ”<br/>“ you took the sun with you when you left. ”<br/>“ when you plunged the knife into me you also began bleeding. ”<br/>“ you will suffer the way you make me suffer. ”<br/>“ i think my body knew you would not stay. ”<br/>“ your absence is a missing limb. ”<br/>“ it must be hard to live with what ifs. ”<br/>“ how did we live through it and how are we still living? ”<br/>“ i can tell when you’re lying. ”<br/>“ the person i fell in love with was a mirage. ”<br/>“ i notice everything i do not have. ”<br/>“ i hardened under the last loss. ”<br/>“ all i dream is to soften. ”<br/>“ i barely feel like living. ”<br/>“ why are you so unkind to me? ”<br/>“ you are waiting for someone who is not coming back. ”<br/>“ i was the warmest place you knew. ”<br/>“ you turned me cold. ”<br/>“ the irony of loneliness is we all feel it at the same time. ”<br/>“ you must see no worth in yourself. ”<br/>“ worth is not something we transfer. ”<br/>“ growth is a process. ”<br/>“ your actions are not my responsibility. ”<br/>“ it’s okay to let others help pick up the pieces. ”<br/>“ i do not weep because i’m unhappy. ”<br/>“ i have everything and yet i am unhappy. ”<br/>“ nothing in this world was promised or belonged to you. ”<br/>“ all you own is yourself. ”<br/>“ you have already rotted. ”<br/>“ there is nothing left for me to do. ”<br/>“ what if nothing wants me because i do not want me? ”<br/>“ i am both the poison and the antidote. ”<br/>“ i have survived far too much to go quietly. ”<br/>“ my death will be grand. ”<br/>“ all i’ve ever known is pain. ”<br/>“ never feel guilty for starting again. ”<br/>“ i am the ghost of ghosts. ”<br/>“ there is god in you. ”  </small><br/></p> </blockquote>

phantomemes: rp sentence starters taken from rupi kaur’s work , the sun and her flowers. “ my heart cracked inside my body. ”“ no one is com...