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Crying, Food, and Shopping: added a new photo to Tesco's Timeline--at Tesco Sunday at 22:58 Tesco I am getting very tired of the expired products you sell and at full price This item clearly states the expiry date is May 10. Why is there mold all over it?! We only bought this yesterday! In the same shop we bought a bag of potatoes that have gone rotten. (Pic will follow, this will only allow me to attch one) This isn't the first time we've had problems with buying food that has gone off I've stopped your manager three times to notify him helpfully and politely there is produce in your fridges which exceeds its experience date and looks like it's turning. (One particular packet of mince had expired 6 days and was not brown but turning purple-green!I didn't even know it was a colour!) Your manager simply rolled his eyes and said 'fine Would have expected a better reaction than that. We're the stupid ones though, because despite that we kept shopping with you! We're the stupid ones though, because despite that: we kept shopping with you! I don't want to complain, I just want you to keep a better eye on good food standards and hygiene! It's dangerous what you're doing! Niece or twice is a mistake. Several times a week is negligent! Please address. Many thanks, Josie hy Picture of product in packaging I. Sunday at 23:04 Like Reply Hey Josie...those things that look like mould are actually peppercorns that look white inside when sliced open, you find it in pepperoni and a lot of other cured meat. Hope that's helpful! Sunday at 23:43 Unlike 6.Reply It's not bloody mould! Yesterday at 10:43 Like 3 Reply Looks nothing like mould 부부부부 That's not mould it's peppercorns Yesterday at 00:23 . Like 77-Reply It's not. l've bought peroni from there before and it never has that on it. Besides, peppercorns aren't green with white in the middle! Yesterday at 09:45-like .山1-Reply If you want to eat it l'll send it to you! Yesterday at 09:45-Like Reply 199 Tesco Hi Josie After reviewing this with a colleague, we can confirm that they are in fact green peppercorns. Thanks, Lara Customer Care Yesterday at 09 48-Like 60 Reply View more replies... How embarrassing for you Josie! Yesterday at 19:30 Unlike 6 Reply Incase you missed it 11 hours ago . Unlike , 5-Reply t2 I'm crying. What an absolute idiot Yesterday at 19:57 . Unlike .山4 . Reply This has made my day <p><a href="http://memehumor.net/post/160240014193/mould-vs-peppercorns" class="tumblr_blog">memehumor</a>:</p> <blockquote><p>Mould vs peppercorns</p></blockquote>

memehumor: Mould vs peppercorns