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Being Alone, Creepy, and Head: A Day in the Life of Oscar the Cat David M. Dosa, MD, MPH. the Cat akrns from decides to head down the tion. Her body is thin and eye to survey opening single wing fiert, along the way tide, ed fr atop the his kingdom. From steppi Mr. s, who is shamped har been desk in the doctor's the breat ting away rea, the black With couch in the HalMay lips purred, he charting spoken in several is her white feline peers down the two snores nd has Winge of the peacefully perhaps sitting nursing home ad- re of where diughter, who gla up from vanced dementia unit. All quiet is now living onear continues ber novel fronts, slowly, he nd eastern down the until he visi ries and ly its end and Room 310. today The door so travagantly stretches hin 2yea ice of the takes fint backward and and waits. He has important wom nd leaps up then forward. He rits up and Ntinese here. his bent T, she is rveys Mr bed. He phase of in the the resident door finaly epens, and out atness, and her breathing is la it is Mrs. Man rse's aide rying bered, o been livi he dementia dirty linens. "Hello, owca perd by in third floor for sk the daught you going inside" SAe has long forget her oicar lets her pass, then mak hether Mi even though they visit hi ble and needs phine. way into the room, where daily. there are two people. Lying in a The daughter shakes her head. beveled after eating her lunch. sed and facing the T is aaleep in fetal posi. nowhere. She glides rd Os to herself with strgard for her aloer." She par Kla down the hallway Oscar relieved. is yet M time, and he wa bothing to with her. ps down off the desk, relieved to be alone and in control of his do- main. He takes a few driak from hi ad grab a quick bite. Satified. he enjoys another stretch and sets out on his creepy. enemies Oscar the therapy cat was raised in the dementia unit of the Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Providence, Rhode Island. It's said that he can sense the impending death of a patient, and will curl up and sleep next to a patient if they're near the end. Kitty kitty purr purr - - - cat horror creepy scary ghost sixthsense death fact creepyenemies

Kitty kitty purr purr - - - cat horror creepy scary ghost sixthsense death fact creepyenemies

Bloods, Comfortable, and Memes: From @havokjournal - 🇺🇸Post 1- A Day in the life of a Ranger Veteran - "It was my 3rd mission that I bagged my first bad guy. Back then I didn't know anything. All I knew is that I had to stay with my TL, hell I didn't even have a radio. I knew we were running up to the top of a hill somewhere right out of the bird and above the target. I remember putting the mortar rounds on my back and immediately feeling the shoulder straps sliding off the normal position. I remember also trying to figure out between two different bags which one was more comfortable and usable on the objective. Well the only difference was one would start hurting in 15 secs, while the new one would hurt in 10. In almost every aspect of being a Ranger, you're going to feel pain for a very long time. Eventually you'll learn how to block it out - The night I first got blooded, it was one of those run off the bird and get to where you're supposed to be. You cannot mess it up cuz’ we got to roll. I'm just trying to keep up and am getting further behind, I start thinking, “don't get separated from my TL.” He's got the radio, then BAM I noticed everyone stopped. My guys had their lasers trained on a guy not 10’ in front of them. Mexican standoff style. Like true Rangers, our boys shot first, but weapons jammed. This guy was loaded with an AK and some grenades on him. He is exactly what you imagine a terrorist looks like down to the pineapple grenades on his Rhodesian vest and a white turbin. I was still admittedly hesitant, but after they let loose on those rounds...I hammered that guy - From that night on, I was never scared of the enemy. Just turned on. Using all my mental prowess to contribute to the group and belong amongst them - I was happy to be a Ranger. I belonged there, ridding evil off the Earth. I had a group of guys willing to fight and die with me. I had never and probably will never feel such a good feeling as when you all make it back and head to chow and start bullshitting - 🇺🇸Follow @ranger_webb - RLTW usmilitary havokjournal dailybadass voiceforveterans veteransday liveforthem veteranfarmer farming ranching cow
Memes, 🤖, and Day: TeamPretty 52 teampretty 52 l 1,475 Head over to @pretty52 's Snapchat takeover today to find out what a 'A Day in the Life of a Google Photographer' is like with @GoogleBizTog !

Head over to @pretty52 's Snapchat takeover today to find out what a 'A Day in the Life of a Google Photographer' is like with @GoogleBizTog...