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Chicago, Clothes, and Dating: deliamelodyofficial: goldaquarius: thesunsword: jehovahhthickness: jessnesquik: jehovahhthickness: Stop dating abusive women 2018 Hardly any women are gonna reblog this tbh 🙃 A lot of women behave like this and think this ain’t abuse But let a nigga slap them, damage their clothes and pour a drink on them, all hell will break loose. EVERYONE CAN BE A VICTIM OF DOMESTIC ABUSE! Buddy has the soul of an angel and composure out of this world Just in case anyone wants the context: He has been making music in Chicago, he recently performed to a large audience and met London on da track, who offered him an opportunity in LA. She didn’t want to leave Chicago because of her business there. He told her that she doesn’t have to go, he just needs to do this for his music. She got upset because he straight up told her that he valued his career over their relationship and she did this.  Now I’m not a relationship expert, but I will never understand how some of y’all expect people to put you above the shit they have to do. Always put your career, your job, your livelihood first. This was all kinds of fucked up, really fucking abusive and manipulative, he should definitely go to LA with or without her.  Many women *WILL* reblog this, because part of feminism is acknowledging that women are just as capable of being abusive as men. Acting as though women cannot be abusive is misogyny, and relies on the misogynist tropes that women are frail, and innocent in comparison to men. Any true feminist must acknowledge that neither of these things are necessarily true and that a woman is in fact capable of being abusive whether it’s to another woman, a man, or a nonbinary person.The reason we focus on abuse from men towards women is that it is more prevalent, and institutionally encouraged, justified, and allowed without consequence, while a woman even “talking back” to a man is to be “put in her place.”Don’t bring your weak, fragile “Few women will reblog this” shit up in here. We know what abuse looks like when we see it.