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Ass, Bad, and Bruh: 45 likes marvelousdavidd man what is thisshawty fucked the Incredible Hulk or what, she probably giving birth to an x-men, or maybe she giving birth to a snorlax nigga was supposed to be born 2 years ago smh how she even wear clothes wtf, and how she even take her socks off for the 2nd pic... shawty giving birth to a grown ass man, he gonna come out with timbs, newports, a mixtape, and already on probation. bet she fucked her neighbor, the mailman, the plug, and having all they kids at the same time. baby gonna come out the womb already able to dunk. or maybe shawty just eatin good, idk 10 likes marvelousdavidd Imao why is this niggas fingers so long? is mom used to grab his fingers like "this little piggy went to the market, this little piggy stayed, and god damn these niggas went to the NBA". his fingers longer than a line at Walmart, fingers longer than a 12 hour shift. if he ever finger a hoe, his fingers just gonna come out thru her ass bruh. he wanna phone home so bad word to ET. when his Oreo falls in his milk, he don't need a spoon, he take it out with his fingers no problem. he can get a manicure at the salon while he sitting at crib at the same time. plus who took a bite out of bro's head? y'all petty smhe 11 likes marvelousdavidd where'd y'all find major chiphazard from small soldiers at? cause he actually look ready to defeat the gorgonites. niggas head looks like the footballs the patriots deflated against the colts last year, strong ass head he look like a Nintendo video game boss, he was that one boss you thought you defeated but then his health bar fill up again for no reason smh. punch this dude in the face and you'lI break your hand, he win every fistfight without even moving. he look like handsome squidwards half brother. red skull looking ass. this nigga HP at least 500... he the only man who can defeat Isis. head built like a bullet proof raisin, onyx from Pokemon lookin ass boii