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ambrosechance: : strongblacklead Liked by chance_perdomo and 8,854 others strongblacklead A warlock with the face of an angel. @chance-perdomo #caos Comments bigbrotherzook He ain't black 5d 1 like Reply Hide replies chance-perdomo # @bigbrotherzook Sorry my lack of gold chains & grills are misleading to your limited concept of blackness 5d 406 likes Reply View previous replies (26) bigbrotherzook @duffboy3 i could care less about how "black" he is but he isn't lol.. that all I'm saying 5d Reply colorsandfruit @bigbrotherzook u can't tell anyone how black they are. If you have African DNA and a black parent then you are black period. U commenting on his blackness means nothing because his hair strands say black. This whole thread is you justifying how he isn't black when you could be using your energy somewhere else. No matter what you say he's perceived as black and has a black parent so he's black. It's not a matter of opinion it's fact. r U might as well delete your comment because you're gonna continue to be dragged. 5d 23 likes Reply bigbrotherzook @colorsandfruit girl shit up and stay in a woman's place, this does not concern you. 5d 1 like Reply chance_perdomo Alrighty, imma just get it out of the way. "Chains & grills" comment was supposed to be in poor taste 1: this is the stereotype perpetuated by societal remnants of archaic colonial- thinking. There is no set "book- cover" with which to judge the African diaspora & their descendants 2: @bigbrotherzook 's comments shit on & divide members of the community much like the "colonial masters" would want. THE CYCLE PERPETUATES Prove my Blackness? it's Very reminiscent of Trump's obsession with Obama's Birth certificate, no? clear something up for you: I AM a Black child, raised by a Latina Mother, educated in a VERY white society. Always one of 5 "black kids" in all of my schools. Seen as black by their community, seen as white in my own cause I didn't "act black", had lighter pigmentation & didn't do the dance the colonial masters would have wanted. For refusing to perpetuate poisonous ideologies & archaic beliefs. Call me biracial by all means, it's really no sweat off my back - imma do me, be me & you can call me whatever helps you sleep better. What I have qualms with is your divisive mentality perpetuating the problem. & please don't ever disrespect a woman not even in the comments Not only is that shitty as a Man...but it perpetuates the "black men ain't shit" narrative. 4d 94 likes Reply ambrosechance: