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Ash, Best Friend, and Cute: How every white movie based on teenagers starts (Scene: hallay) Hi I'm Ashley, but everyone just calls me Ash. I'n your average teenager who does not fit in with anyone. That is my best friend (screen switches to average looking white boy with greasy hair who is secretly in love with the main character but won't reveal it until near the end of the movie) Ryan. We've been best friends since 3rd grade. That's my other best friend screen switches to another average looking white irl who doesn't fit in either) Carly. And omg that is Zach (screen switches to a white boy with perfect features who is obviously out of the main characters league). He is so popular and barely knows I exist. Popular white boy (Zach) walks by main character (Ashley)* Zach: hey Ash *ashley is nervous and stupidly replies, “hey Zach " and does some dumb hit 1ike trip on air best friend Carly rolls her eyes and says, "you've been in love with Zach since middle schoo1 why don't you make a move?" “Because he's totally out of my league. He's popular and I'm average and oll I wear are hoodies and baggy jeans" Suddenly a bitchy, cute, rich, popular and well dressed antagonist white gir alks by with like 4 other white girls and one black girl (for diversity) behind her and bumps into main character "Oh sorry didn't see you there Ashnot like anyone ever does anyways" Bitchy white mean popular irl laughs with her crew and walks aay (screen switches back to main character) Oh and that's Becca she's pretty, rich and popular and likes to pick on me. because I'm average and don't fit in. this is so funny and it's even funnier they used my name bc my name is so BASIC 😩 (but it fits me bc I am also basic)