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Anon drinks O'boy: ile: 1361731956805.jpg-(5 KB, 240x179, Insane hobo kid with poliojpg) Anonymous (ID: cc1mr+26) 02/24/13(Sun)13:52:36 No.46 1 009390 Be 9 year old me Have a bad stomach for 2 weeks Doctors say I might be allergic to milk fuckthatjpg I love O'boy (chocoloate milk) and will never stop drinking it Wake up one morning with extreme stomach pain Spend entire morning on toilet No more pains thank god Go out for breakfast, make tuna toast for me and my 5 year old bro Fucking delicious, but something is missing l crave O'boy now, my earlier stomach pains are completely forgotten Mmmmh fucking O'boy man >A few hours pass, playing mario kart with brother He sucks, i'm laughing at him, although he's only 5, he should know how to throw bananas Laughing really hard by now, can't breath mfw he's driving the wrong direction lwin the round, waiting for everyone to end the lap 5 year old bro haven't even driven his first lap yet My sides are now sprawiling on the floor >l get this brilliant idea to fart in his face (done this many times before) >l pull down my underwear and put my ass-cheeks towards his face Let out a huge fart Fart is followed by liquid shit My peacefully playing little brother is now getting sprayed with shit >A few seconds pass, bro looks like he's about to cry Suddenly he screams louder than ive ever heard anyone scream before Dad heard the scream He comes in and sees his youngest kid sprayed with shit, crying l stand there without underwear, shocked Dad pukes Lil' bro is crying >l begin to cry Grounded for 2 weeks. Ihaven't drinked O'boy ever since, although i'm not allergic to milk Anon drinks O'boy