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If you are what you eat, I am generic with no name.

Beef, Food, and Herpes: HOW ZINC HEALS SKIN. Vitamins are great, but your body needs a certain dose of minerals too! Zinc is an essential mineral that is difficult to get enough of through food. How do you get zinc into your body? According to the NIH the top 5 foods highest in zinc are: . Oysters .Beef Chuck Roast Alaska King Crab Broiled Beef Patty To be highly effective zinc needs to penetrate on a cellular level. GET ZINC! Lobster Zinc helps to heal: Cuts . Scrapes .Rashes .Acne . Scaling HEAL Skin should be treated topically and h Dryness Infections Sunburns/burns . Cracking internally 454 with zinc. - Colds Ancient Egyptians used the healing power of zinc. There are many forms of zinc. Absorption is the main goal. Internally it is recommended to use one of the following: ! What Zinc should l use for healthy skin and immune system? Zinc picolinate . Zinc citrate Zinc glycerate USE ZINC! Zinc acetate Zinc monomethionine Topical zinc needs to penetrate the skin. Use zinc gluconate with taurine and lysine to penetrate the cells. Epizyn Zinc Gluconate is safe for around the eyes and oral use HEALING STAGES ZINC HEALS! Zn All wounds heal in 3 stages. Zinc gives the skin tools to help heal faster with less granulation. First Stage: INFLAMMMATORY-In the first few days the area tries to restore its normal state. This includes Ph balance, constriction of blood vessels. Deeper wounds will have clotting of platelets and thromboplastin. Redness, Swelling and heat are indicators of the immune response. White blood cells (lymphocytes) work to clean the area of debris and bacteria. This is true even in cases of acne and eczema! Second Stage: PROLIFERATIVE STAGE-The proliferative stage can last up to 3 weeks. Timing can be dependent on the size and severity of wound. This is when granulation occurs. Special cells called fibroblasts make collagen to fill in the wound and create barriers. Blood vessels form to supply the new skin if needed. The wound eventually is covered by new skin. Third Stage: MATURATION & REMODELING- This stage can last up to 2 years! As new collagen forms it may change the shape of the wound and increases the strength of the surrounding tissue. However, scar tissue may only be 80% as strong as the original skin. This ability to repair in this stage is diminished with age. Rules! 4 SKIN CARE STEPS TO HEALING 1. Debride and Cleanse- Clean the wound with an FDA approved cleanser with 2. 3. no perfumes, or additives that may irritate collagen or lymphocytes. Maintain a Moist Environment- Healing skin exudes and discharges bacteria and dead skin through granulation. Provide Materials for Healing- Proteins and water are critical for all phases of healing. Minerals such as Zinc are crucial for protein synthesis and is a key part of the thymulin molecule which enables T-lymphocytes to mature. Prevent Injury and Infection- Infection will greatly slow down healing 4. Supplements of Copper, Centalla, Aloe Vera, Arginine, Glutamine, Vitamin B5 and C, Bromelain and Curcumin have all been related to successful skin and wound healing. For great results, try Epizyn Skin Topical Use code epizyn5 for $5 off. EPIZYN ZINC GLUCONATE SKIN GEL www.Epizyn.com 1300 S. Grove Ave. Suite 200 Barrington, IL 60010 866.440.4283 epizyn: This is how zinc heals skin!  #skin #skinzinc #skincare #herpes #acne #pruitis

epizyn: This is how zinc heals skin!  #skin #skinzinc #skincare #herpes #acne #pruitis