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Anaconda, Bad, and Baked: chikaden thinksquad Here is a Science fair project presented by a girt ina secondary school in Sussex. In it she took fitered water and divided it into two parts. The first part she heated to boling in a pan on the stove, and the second part she heated to boiling In a microwave. Then ater cooling she used the water to water two identical plants to see if there would be any difterence in the growth between the normal boiled water and the water boiled in a microwave. She was thinking that the structure or energy of the water may be compromised by class mates a number of times and had the same resut It has been known for some years that the problem with microwaved anything is not the radiation people used to wory about, it's how it corrupts the DNA in the food so the body can not it. Microwaves don't work different ways on different substances. Whatever you put into the microwave sutfers the same destructive process. Microwaves agitate the molecules to move faster and faster. This movement causes friction which denatures the oniginal make-up of the substance. i results in destroyed vitamins, minerals, proteins and generates the new stuff called radiolytic compounds, things that are not found in nature So the body wraps it in fat cells to protect itself from the dead food or it eliminates it fast. Think of all the Mothers heating up milk in these Safe appliances What about the nurse i Canada that warmed up blood for a transfusion patient and accidentally killed him when the blood went in dead. But the makers say it's safe. But proof is in the pictures of living plants dying NO, YOU PIG-IGNORANTASSWIPES SOME KID'S CLASS PROJECT IS NOT REAL SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH. YOUVE HEARD OF DOUBLE BLIND", RIGHT? CALL ME WHEN IT'S PUBLISHED IN NATURE or energy of the water what the fuck does that even mean you realize that a water molecule is made up of three fucking atoms and if you rearrange it t isn't water anymore and you would fucking notice the problem with microwaved anything is not the radiation Here is a handy diagram I drew of all the difterent types of THE ELECTRO/VAGNETİC SPECTRUM CANCER Microwaves l nuclear reactors, so calm your tits ts how it corrupts the DNA in the food so the body can not do you understand what DNA is and how eating works? DNA is a jumble of protein in the middle of each cell and it tells the cells in that particular organism how to make more ceils. Your body does not care about whether your food has any DNA in it or not The chemicals it cares about are things lke vitamins and sugars, as well as inorganic shit like satl (You can denature DNA by heating it or using chemicals like urea. It is ike what happens when you try an egg, which is basically a big glob of protein-the strands break apart and it looks like tiny white strings. Very cooll) I MAJUwaves dyuase uite îINeLuES เบา.IUve lastei diiu idslei I. just. .that is heating something over a flame or in a microwave or using the Sun. The difference is that microwaves mostly affect the water molecules in your food and they don't need to use as much heat Water boils at 100 C, which is just about as hot as water can get before it just turns into steam, but that's like the kwest setting on your oven. Oven-or stove-cooked food tastes different partly because it uses higher temperatures and partly because heat is way This movement causes friction That's not what friction is It results in destroyed vitamins, minerals, proteins and generates the new stuff called radiolytic compounds, things that are not found in nature Let's take these one at a time Vitamins are classified as water-soluble or fat-soluble So cooking things in water will dissolve the water-soluble vitamins (C and all the B's). Just plain heat doesn't do that, s0 Proteins: Breaking the chemical bonds in proteins (denaturing) is a part of any cooking. However, denatured protein is stl nutritious that's why you can meet your protein intake with foods like fried eggs and baked chicken Minerals are just chemical elements, like off the periodic table sodium, iron, potassium. (Vitamins and proteins are very complex combinations of elements) Which brings me to the radiolytic compound" bullshit. When you talk about breaking apart, say, iron-you're talking about breaking down the ron atoms themselves. Which is a whole lot different than breaking the bonds between atoms. It takes hella radiation. You need shit like gamma rays-the O0OH SCARY NUCULAR radiation-which we've already established do not come from your microwave things that are not found in nature What the shit does that even mean? You all know radioactive elements occur in nature, right? In rocks and also in living cells That's right, you have this radioactive kind of carbon INSIDE YOU You get it by eating those delicious plants. We can tell how long Tons of shit that occurs naturaly is hornibly bad for you. And tons of shit that never existed until we cooked it up is great for you- like the chemical compounds in a lot of medications. PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE THIS SHIT ARE WHY CHILDHOOD DISEASES THAT CAUSED SERIOUS ILLNESSES ANDIOR DEATH THAT WE NEARLY ERADICATED WITH VACCINES ARE NOW COMING BACK AND WHY CONSPIRACY THEORIST TWATS ARE ASKING CITY COUNCIL NOT TO FLUORIDATE THE WATER AND WHY GLOBAL WARMING WILL WRECK OUR FUCKING PLANET LERN 2 SCIENCE. Think before you reblog. And microwave your This was incredibly amusing to read. Thank you so much for sciencing achieved I found this somewhere and just had to share
Bailey Jay, Books, and Fall: FIRST I DRINK COFFEE. THEN I DO THINGS. Is coffee your fuel? ☕️ Read on👇 Is coffee good for you? Does it truly increase productivity? 🤔 Here are the issues to consider when you consider coffee: ✔️It improves mental performance and alertness. Caffeine blocks receptors for adenosine, a compound in your brain that causes drowsiness. This explains why many of us feel less tired when we consume coffee. In low doses, caffeine also is said to improve mental performance and alertness. Caffeine does not affect everyone the same way. (Your personal response to caffeine could be vastly different from that of someone you know.) ✔️ It can affect the quality of your sleep. In smaller doses, caffeine should not affect your sleep schedule. But if you consume too much, you may find it harder to fall asleep at night. This can unfortunately create an unhealthy cycle of not sleeping enough, stressing out and performing poorly at work. A longer-range result may even be burnout or an anxiety attack. ✔️It can help you learn faster. Many entrepreneurs are prolific consumers of content, whether it’s articles and blog posts, magazines, trade journals, books, podcasts or videos. This information helps them make decisions, innovate and implement new ideas in their business. Ongoing study requires focus and attention, which, like willpower, can lessen throughout the day. It has been shown that 200 mg of caffeine can help you identify words and phrases faster than you could do without coffee. (Sorce? Google!) - It’s important to be aware of both the upsides and downsides of coffee. Moderate use, with accompanying attention to your sleeping habits and stress levels, can be beneficial. Meanwhile, be aware that overuse and misuse may agitate an existing health problem or develop a new one. - Are you a coffee person? Comment below 😉 - coffee morning success millionairementor

Is coffee your fuel? ☕️ Read on👇 Is coffee good for you? Does it truly increase productivity? 🤔 Here are the issues to consider when you con...

Animals, Bad, and Butt: manyblinkinglights: why-animals-do-the-thing: wolfforce58205: zooophagous: caong: zooophagous: theexoticvet: Tick season is already in full swing and it’s going to be one of the worst years for ticks and lyme disease. Make sure your pets are on flea/tick/heartworm prevention and get your dogs vaccinated against lyme! The sun is shining and the grass is green in minnesota today, what a lovely beginning to the impending TICKPOCALYPSE Remember to cover yourselves appropriately if you’re going places with lots of wildlife! Ticks are dangerous for people as well as pets! I’ve always heard to avoid long pants because ticks are easier to notice and remove when they try to climb a bare leg, but I think it’s a matter of preference tbh. What you really need is to use a good repellant made for use in tick heavy areas. I’m not talking citronella essential oils, I mean a real repellant like Deep woods OFF that uses DDT. Spray it on your shoes and inside your shoes. You would be surprised how many ticks start in your socks and work their way up. I have had waaaaaay fewer guests on me after spraying my shoes as well as my legs. If you want to get REALLY serious you can treat your hiking gear in permethrin, or get permethrin treated exercise gear. It’s a very potent, effective substance that kills ticks and other parasites on contact. It’s present in some flea and tick treatments for dogs. But the kicker is, permethrin is also VERY toxic to cats, so if you have a cat and you feel like you need permethrin treated gear, you MUST keep the gear where kitty can’t get it. Friendly reminder to stock up on tick meds for your pets, and repellent for yourself! This year is going to be a BAD one. ALWAYS check yourself after a hike, or any trip outside. Wear bright clothes so it’s easier to see ticks on you, and make sure to do a full-body check when you’re done. This includes checking your hair line and under waistbands or underwear (last tick I found on me was on my butt, and I had been hiking with pants and a long shirt on…trust me, check under your underwear). Remove ticks as soon as you find them, and keep them in a small container or bag (heads completely squished) for identification purposes just in case your bite looks iffy later on. Clean the bite site thoroughly. Be on the look out for any flu-like symptoms, rashes, or red rings around the bite site like a bulls-eye (note: a slight red ring right afterward is normal, see below for what “bad” looks like). Usually if you get a tick off in the first 24 hours you’ll be ok, so long as you didn’t agitate the tick, but if you notice anything abnormal go to the doctor ASAP. If your tick was engorged when removed, be especially on the lookout. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the nasty diseases ticks can carry. Remember: if you’re buying tick preventatives for your pets, make sure you get one that’s meant for them. Don’t use dog-specific medicine on cats, or vice-versa, and make sure you get the correct weight range for your pet. Failure to do so can lead to serious complications for your pets. If you’re not sure what you should use or what’s safe for pets, contact your local veterinarian and ask. If your pet is bitten by a tick and displays any abnormal behaviors or symptoms of sickness get them to your vet as soon as you can and bring the tick with you. This has been your tick safety reminder post for the season. Reblogging for both human tick safety and the note that permethrin is really deadly to cats. Or you can take 0 preventative measures and just fucken get Lyme disease, like I did.
Books, Dark Side of the Moon, and Funny: Books will now have stories t nous apparaitre blanc rs, astronautes dans l'esp nos leded onse en incroyablen est fait bleu, ations? Tres bien!Lalumiere coup, reste de lumiere, qui la le nante verde. Le rose a lamiere blanche laquelle c'est du blanc non vert cou fleur rose produit un magnifique moyen de se faire remarquer par en apparaissant de la couleur la plus differente couleur du vert des herbes au sol. Donc le rose ne fait pas partie de ces loa dire couleuts du speare visible .et que, couramment, nous les couleurs de l'arc-en-ciel. ce go voit, on cest le Soleil a qui 13. Qu'est-ce qu'un arc-en-ciel? du spectre visible,areto Losquil pleut, la lumiere du Soleil traverse les goutrevdeau, et les rayons qui traverent ces gouttes vont erre réfractés dans l'eau rappola, aradnion? or la lumiere blanche du Solei dr toutes les couleur du speare visible de la lumiere est composée ,couleurs invisibles aussi, mais et de quelques pat lumiere ce n'est toujours pas le propos ici ct lalunniare a voir at réfraaee avec un blanche est réfraace, chacune de ses com du Lorsqus donde la goutte ngle ment different, fona de sa longueur traverse agit ici comme ion couverture un Prisme vous vous rappelez la de l'album Dark side of the Moon des Pink Floyd? Bah, cest Ensuite, éparées vont poursuivre leur chemin travers la mais selon l'angle d'incidence de la umiere, étant gande gamtne dr sur nouveau réfraa ees elles sortiront de donde la urface d'un miroir et repartiront vers l'arriere. réfléchi cause des comme De la, ies ngueurs ou seront angles réfraaion, ces couleurs croiseront et s'inverseront avant de se de FINALLY