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9gag, Anime, and Bad: Anime alternatives If you want something else than: ...you should watch: Sword Art Online Log Horizon Starts with an interesting premise, but rapidly deteriorates into a generic wish fullfillment fantasy. Backwards character development (strong female characters downgrade into harem trophies), pathetic "villains" (all male characters have to be inferior Guilds, raiding, politics - everything here works just as it should in an MMO qame, and the broad cast diverse and well-balanced. It isn't strictly better than SAO in every possible regard and not everyone will like the "nerdy" approach to the "trapped in a game' cliche, but at least it's not an insult to your intelligence. the MC) and systematic loss of the supposed MMO roots, mention the apalling fanservce, make this show the best example of "overrated not You can also try Overlord or NGNL. If you want to upgrade from: ...you should watch: Guitama A bit better shounens Popular shounens One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail - they're all fun and were many people's first shows, but to be fair, they're the fast food of anime. "Power of friendship trumps all", neverending story, filler arcs- many people eventually drop Two good ways to say goodbye to the mainstream shounens: first one, laugh face with their parody (Gintama), second, pick up a tad more ambitious series like Hunter x Hunter (2011) or Yuu Yuu Hakusho their these and move onto the other stuff. If you hate waiting for season 2: ...you should watch: Attack on Titan Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood What a dramatic setting! Teens in the military, and everyone can die... except not really. And the teenagers quickly overrun the cast. Despite its great opening, the show quickly turns into a standard teens-save -the -world flick with long, overblown dialogues. The end is nowhere in sight, as the manga moves and there is barely enough material for one Teens in the military in a steampunk-esque setting... except this time there's just two of them in the world of adults. Multi-layorod plot moves forward to an epic and satisfying conclusion, and the underlying philosophical and moral thomes are surprisingly sorious. ta snail's pace not really a bad show - more season. AoT the plot is thrilling and the music is amazing but it leaves the viewer underwhelmed. f you want a deconstruction of the teenagers saving the world' cliche, try Neon Genesis Evangelion or Puella Magi Madoka Magica If you feel this wasn't good enough: ...you should watch: Death Note Monster This one is actually really good for a popular beginner anime. In hindsight, though, some characters were poorly written to the point where they were an annoyance, and the whole final act leaves much to be desired fine treat for the more demanding audience Monster is a psychological thriller/horror that delves into the mind of the psychopath. The animation is quite dated, but if you can stomach it. will definitely pay off. If you're throughly disappointed by: ...you should watch: Akame ga Kill! Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Everybody dies until you stop caring. Edgy shounen that tries to be something different but ends up all the same. "Gray morality" turns The only good character arc in AgK was carbon copied from TTGL (oven the opisode number is the same). Different genre (giant robots), but the same amount of juicy action. o be l comically and irredeemably bad evil. And then there's the rushed ending. if all you want is violent sword fighting, go for the action comedy Kill la Kill. For dark fantasy ("dark" as in "Dark Souls"), check out Berserk Surprisingly this is the same author who later made the MUCH better Yuki Yuna is a Hero. If you don't think these are for you: ...you should watch: Shinsekai yori Popular gory horrors Odd art style, idyllic rural society, child (at start) Elfen Lied, Hellsing Ultimate, Tokyo Ghoul and Highschool of the Dead all have a fair amount of graphical violence. If that's what you need, it's fine, but if you're looking for something more ominous and ambitious, you might end up dissatisfied with the blood fest. protagonists - this show is not your usual horror. You won't see jump scares here, in fact horror is not even its main genre above all it's postapocalyptical mystery drama. And still it makes for one of the best horror anime ever Note: For a popular horror, Parasyte is actually quite decent and praiseworthy For more science fiction dystopian societies, try Psycho-Pass or Texhnolyze. If you hate the stagnation in: ...you should watch: Nisekoi Toradora! Eternal harem hell. No romantic progression whatsoever and the main character will always remain a clueless, dense idiot. Slap in some (or: tons of) fanservice and you've got yourself a bestseller because people will EAT THAT UP Do I need to list the other examples? So yeah, serious, resolved romance. And that's just one example, Other series with relationship progression are Clannad, Oregairu, Nana, Nodame Cantabile Spice&Wolf, Ore Monogatari and Hyouka. Basically anything that's not harems. If this doesn't satisfy you: ...you should watch: Mirai Nikki Steins;Gate Overly Attached Girlfriend carving hor way through Hunger Games with an axe sounds great, but the show gets dragged down by the wimpy, annoying protagonist and shaky plot. This is how you make a good thriller. Build up the mystery of a time travel device. havee the characters play around with it for a while, and then, once things slip slightly out of control, Thriller is gow deeper all by it - it's about the tension, the mystory, the suspense If the fantasy Hunger Games death ball is what you came for, try Fate/zero instead. If you want something deeper than: ...you should watch: Melodramas Dramas Oh the feels! it may be cleansing to bawl your eyes out from time to time, but more often than not melodramas are a cheap shot at the audience's emotions that makes them blind to its faults, such as pacing proble ms, poor character designs, underutilized plots, or even an abrupt ending that leaves a sour taste The feeling of catharsis after finishing a series can be a more memorable experience if it's something more than a tearjerker, with a multidimensional plot or a grander message behind it. For starters: Garden of Sinners, Haibane Renmei, Tatami Galaxy, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Taste is something that everyone should develop for themselves and you might disagree with every single point I made (or rule out my standpoint as "snobish' or 'hipster), but guides like this one could provide you a valuable point of reference for your future research. There's shows airing every single year, so the more information you can get, the more time you can save. of VIA 9GAG.COM |偽りの神に抗え2 DEINOE