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Empire, Grandma, and Harry Potter: SUCCESS STORIES PART 2 LATE BLOOMERS ALAN RICKMAN >He was nearing his thirties when he changed his career SUCCESS STORIES PART I >He was 42 years old when he became famous as Severus Snape in Harry Potter series. LAURA INGALLS WILDER PETER MARK ROGET She was 65 years old when her first book, Little House In the Big Woods was published. > By age 69, he began the preparation for the publication of the work he is mostly known for She was 76 years old when the last book of Little House series was published > At age 73, the first printed edition of his Thesaurus came out >He kept working on it until age 90 HARRY BERNSTEIN KATHRYN JOOSTEN He started writing his famous book when he was 93 years old Stared warking as a street performe n Bisney Warld at age His book was published when he was 96 She became famous for her rale as è dersonal secnretary in the show West Wing at the ape of 60 She wors her first Emmy Award at the age of 66 GLADYS BURRILL FINISH She had her first marathon when she was 86 years old GRANDMA MOSES >A completely self-taught, she devoted most of her time to painting in her 70s. She completed the Honolulu Marathon at the age of 92 She was 78 when her first big break in painting came. SUSAN BOYLE >She started writing her memoir at the age of 92. Her singing career went in full bloom when she was 47 years old after her appearance on Britain's Got Talent. RAY KROC >After volunteering in WWI, he spent his career as a salesman. Partnered with restaurant owners at >She defied all criticisms and the age of 53 managed to have album of all time. of Purchased the restaur ant dt e ae cDonal empire we know right now never too late to translate your dreams into reality. These role t rk and determination to reach uhat thew truly love to do Photo Lredits gnen to the original sources Author doen not caim awnershia of images Their beginnings started differently, but they managed to sacrifice and became successful in their respective fields. Read more of their stories and others below. claim ownership of images Photo Credits gien te the original sources. Author does [Image] Late Bloomers Success Stories

[Image] Late Bloomers Success Stories

Been, Alan Turing, and Turing: Statue of Alan Turing at the Bletchley Park Museum. So glad he has been chosen to be on the new £50 note!

Statue of Alan Turing at the Bletchley Park Museum. So glad he has been chosen to be on the new £50 note!