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England, Life, and Love: ex First Minister of Scotland ALEX SAMOND solves your relationship problems. Hubby won't make love LETTER OF THE DAY to me any more MY HUSBAND and I have always enjoyed a healthy sex life, but THERE ARE MANY reasons why just recently he's become cold a mared man could suddenly find and distant. And for the past few himself suffering from reduced interest months he's refused to make love to in the seual side of a relationship. Pressure at work, health concems or simple tiredness can all lead to flagging me at all I am 45 and he is 46 and we ve been interest in the physical aspects of love. married for 20 years. I've asked him However on this occasion I fear that if there's someone else, but no and I believe him. He says he still your husband's lack of enthusiasm in loves me, but the physical side of our about the fact that since the 1970s relationship is over as he's just not disproportionate shares of Scotland's interested in sex any more. Alex, what can I do? I still want a gone to funding infrastructure in fulfilling love life and if my husband England. The only way to re-kindle can't provide it I fear I may end up your husband's interest in sex is to vote the bedroom is due to him worrying revenues from North Sea Oil have going elsewhere to find intimacy. YES for an independent Scotland in the Mrs F-H, Falkirk referendum on September 18th. <p><a href="https://declansutherland98.tumblr.com/post/159899492766/bowie1984still-the-greatest-thing-ive-read-i" class="tumblr_blog">declansutherland98</a>:</p><blockquote> <p><a href="http://aladdinsane.co.vu/post/109799211451/still-the-greatest-thing-ive-read" class="tumblr_blog">bowie1984</a>:</p> <blockquote><blockquote>still the greatest thing ive read</blockquote></blockquote> <p>I bloody love Alex Salmond</p> </blockquote>

declansutherland98: bowie1984: still the greatest thing ive read I bloody love Alex Salmond