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Bless Up, Bruh, and Doctor: me: *sees a 150lb dog* me: awww da little puppyyy @DrSmashlove I'm at an age now where if the homies wanna go out to eat and the restaurant ain't got a southwest chicken salad imma strongly consider not going. Like I'm just being honest. It's a small menu addition. Give me some lettuce grilled chicken corn and tortilla skrips and I'm good money. That's a restaurant I like. U know what restaurants I don't like? Ones that don't have a southwest chicken salad 😂. Like cmon! This shit easy bruh! "But smash that's unreasonable what if it's a sushi spot." Well now hol up for a second hol up. When I hit Blue Ribbon Sushi in Miami Beach they got the fried chicken on deck. I was hesitant to mix sushi and fried chicken but low key? Shit was fire. And other sushi joints be doing the sashimi tacos. If y'all gon do soul food and Mexican fusion food then FUCK AROUND AND MAKE ME A SOUTHWEST CHICKEN SALAD DAMMIT 😄. Because sometimes I have those days where I didn't work out and I meet the homies for food and I didn't earn a big fatty cheat meal but I still want something satisfying and reasonably healthy. I want that southwest. Mother. Fucking. Chicken. Salad 🤗. U restaurants been put on notice. If u become one of them restaurants that's part of the 90% that fail in the first year of they existence don't DM me like "smash what did I do wrong I served delicious authentic coastal Greek food focusing on fresh wild-caught fish prepared in light olive oil and we had a great first week but then...?" My first question gon be whether u had a southwest chicken salad? THOUGHT NOT. ALL THE DOCTOR CAN DO IS GIVE YALL THE MEDICINE YALL GOTTA TAKE IT THO BLESS UP 😍😂😂😂