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dirtyberd: The clitoris: nature’s tiny dick : Dont Ignore the Clitoris DID you KNOW? That up until 1952 female sex drive Lack of sex education in an oppressive society resulted in a sexually repressed female population. Most Doctors recommended more frequent satisfaction through marital relations, but if that could not be provided Doctors or midwives would often take on the task. was referred to by the American Psychiatric Association as a disease called Hysteria? Gotta get laid, Gotta O get laid, Gotta DOCTOR! I4'5 twrn THE CURE So basically if a husband could not satisfy his wife it was seen as her problem and she scurried off to the doctor to get the cure In 1883 the first vibrator was invented. Marketed as a medical device and cure for Hysteria the product was extremely popular amongst women ThanKs, hon! Every Woman needs a Vibrator La Vida 7 9 La Vida Elcotrio Vibrator Wait WHAT? POWERS DRUG STORE However, the ladies love affair with the Vibrator only Today, the Clitoris and the female sex drive are doing lasted until around 1930. At fthis point most people much better. However there are still those that insist knew the Vibrator's true, non-medicinal use and couldVaginal orgasm is the only way a woman SHOULD no longer sell the items as such. It wasnt until the women's lib movement of the 1970s that the vibrator reach orgasm made a real comeback But baby, isn't my dick enough for you? minute You kel this don't yOuR DICK? What aloa MY DICK? You?! NO.NO! REAL SICK COUGH *The Ciferus natunes tmy AND SO: VICTORIAN LADIES! If you find a man who knows where and what the Clitoris is. HOLD ONTO HIM Hey Sweetcheeks Clitoris Urethral opening Labia Vaginal opening GENTLEMEN, memorize that SHIT! A public service announcement from Jess Fink dirtyberd: The clitoris: nature’s tiny dick