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Mark just wants to be the mint guy: File: altoids-01 jpg 25 KB, 465x275) Anonymous (D 6G/VA4MT 07/15/14 (Tue) 53:59 No.556751514 56751807 6751876 6752670 556752813 56753137 675316 6754195 567542 hi /b/ I need some advice ALTOIDS they can come to me and ask ooking to buy some mints to improve my popularity at school wanna be that guy with the mints' so people know for a mint at any time and can give the mark he man, the y might cal One i should ge i need a flavour everyone will like, and im looking at buying a very very large amoun n bulk k lik 10kg of them or e my question is, what mints do ou thin ething. got £500 to work wi So reliable friend has on him? suggest me so maybe something like altoid what kind of mints would you like knowing yo mints CO Anonymous (ID MigzeaaKO) 07/15/1 4ITue 57:24 No. 556751889 Anonymous (ID: toN2 07/15/14 ue 55:46 No.556751724 Anonymous (ID ORCBLfDe 07/15/14(Tue 56:38 No.556751807 File: image jpg 48 KB, 645x652) File: ave caru mb 91 MB, 320x180 File: 1390770174584 jog 26 KB, 500x476) mark the mint man 556751514 (OP l wanna be that guy with the mints' Anonymous (ID OPOdwdU) 07/15/14 (Tue)12:0 6 No 556752295 56753580 >"becky where'd you go mark the mint man, they might call me >"hey Sabrina... Just got stopped by that weird kid. He asked me agai wanted a min yeah he's been doing that to everyone! Don't take them he looks autistic and theyre probably poision! Sally said he's got like a garbage bag of them in his locke omg what a fkn freak. Ok ust avoid eye contact from now on This is your future op enjoy Anonymous (ID: e5Gq47xp 07/15/14ATue)12:02:09 No.556752405 Anonymous (ID: Mugsplkp 07/15/14(Tue) 12:04:25 No.556752670 File: 1405433743904 pg 26 KB, 450x300) File: 1404443369992 2.51 MB, 286x258 mark the mint man mark the mint man 556751514 OP Anonymous (ID OLgmdJ 07/15/14ITue) 12:16:05 No. 556754014 ng (81 KB, 230x217 entos Anonymous (ID: OZY9e 510) 07/15/14 2:22:41 No.556754775 4ITue File: containing the laughte 9 KB, 500x374 mark the mint man Anonymous (ID 07/15/14(Tue) 12:15:06 No. 556753910 8754109 556753397 my father suggested it to me since go at ive had a rough making friends. my father doesn't have many friends either, but he brings gum to work and say that people call h doublemi nt dave (because he es double mint gum and that people So I though might work for m e too. 2133 ca ather doesn't have many friends either, but he brings gum to work and says that people call him doublemint dave he brings gum to work and says that people cal him oubemint dae Anonymous (ID LgmdJ) 07/15/14 (Tue) 12:16:56 No.556754109 doublemint dave er+was basica +a+de 05 KB, 218x30 556753910 >double mint fucking dave GIVE UP Mark just wants to be the mint guy