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Angry Girl: Anonymous 11/29/18(Thu)16:16:57 No.49568514 2249567838 (OP) # Please more OP Meanwhile, I'll share 38 KB JPG Be me, 16 >In Math class >Begin doing group exercises, can't remember what it was exactly but whatever >Angry girl (Lets' call her Tsundere-chan, or just Tsu' for short, since she's a literal epitome of the term >She's sitting with guy (Henceforth Mike) who must of pissed her off earlier that day. Meanwhile I'm sitting the opposite side >Real fucking awkward watching them try to work together whilst they belittle each other >At least it's a million times more entertaining than whatever this activity was >Out of nowhere stands up and begins to wail on the guy >He's not taking it though, he stands up and is defending himself and jabbing back. I assume he's being more defensive since he doesn't want to hurt her. He's a 6'1, gym loving monster and I've seen him fight before. he's a force to be reckoned with >She gets him in the jaw with a left hook, he's staggered and stumbles back into the classmate who tries to separate them l get up ItsMy Time ToShine MOV Whilst Mike is a Gym loving meaty boi, I'm just a meaty boi >She goes to beat the shit out of him more, including other classmate as he's trying to split them up Nothing gets in the way of Isu's revenge >Teacher tries to restrain Tsu, but Tsu sends an elbow flying back into his face and he falls back onto the floor sI try a different approach l thrust my arms up under her armpits, restraining her arms from swinging >She struggles and I hold tight >This girl possess the power of a fucking tard but without the retardation >l swear she's gonna rip my arms off >Eventually I manage to calm her down, telling her that doing more will get her in trouble and other shit like that >Eventually once Tsu has calmed down, security shows up and takes both of them away, presumably the kid to the infirmary I have a million other stories of Tsu-Chan and may share them later