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Annoyi: App Store Store Cancel Oxford Dictionary of English FR 4+ Oxford Mobisystems, Inc. Offers In-App Purchases Dictionary of English (395) Related Reviews Details writer, can greatly appreciate that. The fees for the subscription online were too high for me to afford, and it's so great to receive the access to this great dictionary without need to pay. True, ads can be annoyi... More Lots of words; very few numbers Apr 11 by TimorisVoldo I'm rating this four stars because it IS a very thorough list of words, for the most part. The first words l looked up were "bannister", "codex", and stillborn all of which were there However, I then went searching for "eight hundred four", which l was surprised was not represented at all. The word "eight" is, but that hardly helps when the word I need is over a hundred times that. had equal trouble locating "eight hundred five as well as "twelve thousand forty two". Not a single success there So to be sure, this dictionary is great for people looking up mostly non numerical words. But mathematicians look elsewhere; you will not find your numbers' definitions here. Limited and cumbersome to use Feb 25 by Lexy Liz I've had the free version for a couple months now. The majority of the time when I look up a word from playing scrabble, it is not in this dictionary. It's word of the day feature as insulting as it presents common, simple words much of the time I'm used to such features from other sources showing that unusual words. Back to the main dicti... More Happy with the app but annoyed to write review Mar 30