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Fucking, Lgbt, and Police: tumblr Follow full offense but cis people dont get to call us shemales and trannies and femboys and traps and "its", and campaign to "drop the T" in LGBT and deprive trans people of resources and beat the shit out of us in bathrooms and make fun of us for having "baby faces" and strip us of our rights and murder us for being trans and joke about how we "identify as an apache attack helicopter", only to turn around and call themselves "allies" when they police OUR identities, just because they call themselves "cis transmeds"! i cant! im not fucking allowing it!! cis people i implore you to rb this Y'all those cis people who attack us and the ones who are transmed allies are two entirely different groups you misread the entire point of the post, pisshead the point was to say that cis people, as a group, are in no way entitled to have opinions on trans people they CREATED the concept of transphobia, theyve murdered us, slurred us, beat us, abused us, and done every single other horrible thing to us in the book. they, as a group, dont deserve to turn around and think that, even after all this violence, they can just dictate who trans people are Source: #its the same for cis tucutes as well #they dont have an opinion about us even if its positive #cis transmeds and cis tucutes dont exist lmfao #discourse long post #tslur/ 36,940 notes Cis people, you suck! Never take a side in a trans issue! Now please signal-boost my message about how the other side is wrong.