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Bad, Friends, and Social Media: Prasad Rajcuru, stuciod at K.J.Somaiya Colege off Science and Commence had visited Dubai in April 2016 when things were normal The taxá drivers on he tour were Pakistanis on three occasions. They recopnied us as Indians nmediately andwere excited to mest us. I had always imagined Pakistanis as blood thirsty hatemmongers who will be ready to kill all Indians. Instead they were nice and helpfal and changed my perception momentarily Coming back to recent months during the Kashmir unrest and the recent attack in Palwama or the previous attacks on CRPP and the Uri attacks. If you bappen open Pacebook, Twitter or amy other social media sites you will be able to see Pakistani people spamming not just Indian papes but also foreign pages rearding Kas mir andcelebrating death of Indian soldiers and trying to bring Indiams down Mr.Imran Khan, the prime minister of Pakistan has piven a speech recently in which he talked about Pakistam being the bigzest victim of terrorism both in erms of Monetary and Human lives. He said that they are trying for stabiity and also added they will retaliate with ful force if India attacks the The previous prime minister Nawaz Sharif hadopenly supported terrorists and ustified terrorism against Inaia in his speeches Coming back to the question as I had mentioned meeting Pakistanis, they were ust ardinary people and bad nothing to do with the decision making process of he powernment whether i's sendingTerorists or Army, Similarly the actors too are ordinary people like them who had nothing to do with the Terrorist attacks. They have been officially banned now by the Cine Artists association So the ebate was whether i's justified or not andwhy? My answer is yes. The one bigreason to ban them is that isolation of Pakistan is necessary and hould be adhieved in whatever way possible whether it's disruption of the bus services and Samanta express or trade with Pakistan.We should comcentrate on the economic crippling of Pakistan These artists did nothing wrong bat they are on the wrong side at the moment as heir allegiance is towards Pakistan Now when you are in a group and haring ight with another group nomatter if you have good friends in the apposite roup you will have to support your own proup and even if it means to hit your friends in the opposite camp. It's the unspoken rule of war, anyone who supports your enemy is your enemy mo matter if it's yourown blood. It's an a ut diplomatic war on Pakistan so they are goig to suffer because they are from Pakistan. The only way ties can be resumed isthat Pakistan actually ends Terrorism and pives up on i's Kashmir dream which seens hi ly unikely at the moment 1am mot a supporter of anyparty or ideology but this time the sentiment is too d to icnore. No amount of iberal locic can justify continuing ties with the Here is what u were missing. And don't talk about stuff u don't know

Here is what u were missing. And don't talk about stuff u don't know

Cloud, Earth, and Evolve: Microcosm is a sonic cloud, made of thousands of grains of sound. It works like a snow globe. Move the device in any direction and gravity pulls the particles towards earth, causing the sound to evolve. Shake Microcosm and the sound shatters into pieces. Choose from several included soundscapes. D3taf TH TDRTE CTATK E O Mikrokosmos ist eine Klangwolke aus Tausenden von Tonkörnchen. Sie verhält sich ähnlich einer Schneekugel. Drehen Sie Ihr Gerät in der Hand, zieht die Schwerkraft die Partikel zu Boden, und mehr Klang entwickelt sich. Schütteln Sie Mikrokosmos, zerschellt der Klang. Sie haben die Auswahl aus mehreren inkludierten Klangschaften Microcosme est un nuage acoustique composé de milliers de grains de son Cela fonctionne comme une boule à neige. Bougez l'appareil dans n'importe quelle direction et la gravité attire les particules vers la Terre, faisant ainsi évoluer le son. Secouez Microcosme et le son vole en éclats. Choisissez parmi les nombreuses ambiances sonores incluses. TT BIFit TÁM t Microcosmo es una nube sónica hecha de miles de gránulos de sonido. Funciona como una esfera de nieve. Mueva el dispositivo en cualquier dirección y la gravedad empujará las partículas hacia el suelo, haciendo que el sonido evolucione Agite Microcosmo y el sonido se romperá en pedazos. Elija entre los diferentes escenarios de sonido incluidos. 1 s2l 0 01 22 (sonic cloud)PLICtt A4 Ro1 2 2 Lc4. 70H AE C AEAH EH I. Apposite Labs

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