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Ass, Gym, and Memes: We squat with toes We squat with angled out... toes forward... To SCREEN To PERFORM The great squat debate: toes forward or angled out? It's actually a trick question, the answer is both. Let me explain. The argument is simple. I believe ALMOST ALL OF US should have the capability to perform a bodyweight squat with the toes relatively straightforward (if you want to get nerdy 'neutral' means 5-7 degrees of toe out). We screen the squat this way to illuminate weak links we can work on. If you cannot squat this way, more than likely there are some things you need to work on (mobility for example). That being said, there will always be a few individuals who are simply unable to get into a deep squat position due to abnormal anatomical reasons (an excessive angle in the way the hip-femur align aka femoral anteversion is one example). With that said, most athletes should be able to reach ass to grass with a squat. I recommend turning your toes out SLIGHTLY when you squat with a barbell for optimal performance. As soon as you pick up a barbell, the squat now becomes an exercise. For this reason, there are slight changes in the movement pattern that are more โ€œsport specificโ€. This includes turning the toes out slightly. Doing so creates a mechanical advantage for the squat. Not only does it give us a slightly wider base of support, but it does not challenge our pelvic control and mobility to the fullest extent. This means someone with mobility restrictions can squat deeper with a better technique elsewhere. This is the difference between the movement of the squat and the exercise. Screening should point out and illuminate limitations in how we move. Training should reinforce and strengthen our current movement capabilities. When coaching athletes, itโ€™s your job to know the difference between screening and training. There's nothing wrong with barbell squatting with a forward foot, but it's not right for EVERYONES anatomy. __________________________________ Squat SquatUniversity Powerlifting weightlifting crossfit workout gym fit fitspo crossfitopen fitness squats training physicaltherapy strongman oly olympicweightlifting mobility