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Memes, Tbh, and The Worst: imin [8x08 Recap] (Sorry for the bad quality of the edit, I couldn't find better screencaps) • It was funny that Damon and Stefan went to an anger management group just to find the worst person and send them to Cade, then Stefan kills all of the people oh shit 😂 • It made me so emotional how Caroline was at their old high school and wrote to Elena 😭 • Matt met his father at the armory again lol that was awkward • Sybil is a history teacher at Mystic Falls High School now and controls all the students lmao Caroline's reaction was priceless 😂 • The doctor Tara reminded Damon of Elena aw 😪 Tara is the first character who actually kinda looks like her tbh • Stefan put Damon into hospital ugh my poor baby 😩 Then he used Damon for his plan and compelled Tara as if Damon is the bad guy to find out if Tara has evil thoughts and would kill Damon omg 😳 • Sybil let the students work for her because she wants to find a mystical artifact, the bell of Mystic Falls, which can used against Sirens. I was shocked when she wanted to burn all of the kids 😳 • But it was cool that they got back to the place where the witches were burned and that we know from s1-3 • I felt so bad for Damon when he tried to convince Tara not to kill him but she "killed" him 😓 • The Maxwell family aka Matt's ancestors are actually the founders of Mystic Falls omg • Stefan found the necklace and said that Tara reminds Damon of Elena, I think Damon's humanity is coming back soon yayyyyy 😍 • Matt and Peter saved all the students from Sybil's manipulation they were such heroes 🙌🏻 • I actually liked Sybil in this episode and the scenes with her and Caroline were so good and funny • Damon threw the necklace away but came back to find it because it makes him feel better OH MY HEART 😭 • Damon wanted to spare Tara to die but then Stefan made her kill him ugh • Stefan killed all the people in the hospital damn 😳 • Even if it's fun to watch Damon and Stefan being evil, I also hate it because they deserve none of this and I feel so bad for them • I missed Bonenzo so much, I wish we could've seen them in Paris 😩 • I love that they played Michael Malarkey's new single "Scars" at the end of the episode 😍