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Tumblr, Blog, and Http: the-ginger-viking: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/or0rz

the-ginger-viking: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/or0rz

Target, Tumblr, and Blog: weirdletter:The Moon, by Khoolat .psd, via ArtStation.

weirdletter:The Moon, by Khoolat .psd, via ArtStation.

Beautiful, Community, and Leonardo Da Vinci: mmkayn: vastderp: lalaland1212: theatre-whovian: vastderp: Meet the Mona Lisa of the Prado, the earliest known copy of Da Vinci’s best portrait. Similarity in the undersketch of the painting indicates that this was very likely painted concurrently with the original Mona Lisa, by a student of Da Vinci. There is much controversy in the art world over the question of whether or not to clean the fragile Mona Lisa, but her sister has been restored and some fairly odd later alterations removed to show the original vibrant colors and lighting. Some details, such as the sheerness of her shawl and the pattern on the neckline of her dress, have become utterly obscured in the original, but in the restored copy they’re perfectly clear. It blows my mind a little bit to look at these two sisters side-by-side and imagine how much vivid detail could be hiding in the Mona Lisa under 500 years of rotten varnish.  THE COPY HAS EYEBROWS Your response to a beautiful piece of artwork done by Leonardo Da Vinci himself is “SHES GOT EYEBROWS”. Alright. All intelligent life has been lost. Yo Snooty McSnotwhine, the Mona Lisa’s vanished eyebrows have been the subject of debate and analysis in the art expert community for hundreds of years, long before your parents squirted water at each other from across the clown car and then honked their bicycle horns to indicate they really wanted to make a smug, insufferable little clown baby together.  this continues to be the best reply to a criticizing comment on this site

mmkayn: vastderp: lalaland1212: theatre-whovian: vastderp: Meet the Mona Lisa of the Prado, the earliest known copy of Da Vinci’s best p...

Amazing, Been, and Iasip: My sister and I have been very impressed with the amazing artwork you guys post here. So we made an attempt to contribute.

My sister and I have been very impressed with the amazing artwork you guys post here. So we made an attempt to contribute.

Wine, Cross, and Never: I was inspired by everyone's Artwork here. I have never done a cross stitch before. Criticisms are welcome!

I was inspired by everyone's Artwork here. I have never done a cross stitch before. Criticisms are welcome!

Click, Fucking, and Funny: N THE text in MSPa Do r rotate omegapausestuck: koobaxion: alphaplayfree: alienpapacy: you ever see an image and think “i may see something as funny as this again, but never anything funnier” ALL RIGHT YOU LITTLE SHITS GET READY TO LEARN SOMETHING yOU WANNA ROTATE TEXT?! well mod 5ider has got the fucking t r i c k s homie Step one: Type something. P E R F E C T. sTEP TWO: FIND THE RESIZE OPTION. You see that little resize button on your menu? Yeah, that’s the one. you can just click that shit! On older versions of MS Paint there isn’t this option, but you can always find it with a quick right-click. THERE IT FUCKING IS!!!!!  STEP THREE: STRETCH AND SKEW When you click resize, this menu comes up. I’m sure you all have seen this menu before, but for those who don’t, I’ll clue you in. The top options control the length and respective width of your artwork. you can choose to alter them separately, or all together Using that little “Maintain Aspect Ration” checkbox there, but that’s not important right now. wHat we’re focusing on is that skew option on the botttom. with that you can t i l t whatever image yuo have on your screen to the left to the right up and down. “BUT 5IDER!!!!!” you say, “THAT DOESN’T LOOK ROTATED AT ALL” wELL HOLD ON TO YOUR LUG NUTS BECAUSE I T ’ S T I M E F O R STEP 4: ULTRA COMBOOOOOOOO!!!!! now, comes the fun part. unlike its aspect ratio locked cousin, the stretch and skew options work independently from one another. So, you can do things like  and But that’s neither here nor there… what gets REALLY interesting is when your ratios are in opposite directions.. HOME RUN! Now, before I let you go, I found out through trial and error that an angle doesn’t exactly match up with its negative dimension… (Step 5: Angular ratios) See? there’s a little offset between vertical and horizontal if your expect your text to appear natural instead of tilted. The only places that this offset reaches zero is at 90° (of course) and the rare and extremely dangerous 45° rotations. Fortunately, I’ve already mapped out a few angles that I find are very useful in my works so, for your viewing pleasure… i present my handy dandy graph All you have to do is match up your desired angle up to its respective complement and you have quickly and efficiently rotated your first word in MS Paint. Have fun! You know, you guys really seemed to enjoy this post. Should I do more MS Paint tutorials in the future?
Being Alone, Anaconda, and Best Friend: rapid-artwork Movie Pitch A strict all girls boarding school is across a river from a strict all boys boarding school Boys and girls are forbidden from fraternizing, but they find sneaky ways to form friendships and even date. I assume there is heavily monitored internet and phones are for emergencies only so they have to resort to more unconventional methods of communication. (Messages in bottles, a system of mirrors, writing on chalkboards and putting them in the windows ect.ect.) Until one day a shy boy at the boys boarding school tells his best friend (and the leader of a resident well meaning bovs gang) that he actually feels more like a girl The gang leader contacts the leader of a girl gang across the river and they begin to plan an overly elobrate heist to smuggle the shy trans girl across the river in exchange for a chill tomboy and the two will assume each other's lives until they graduate. Hijinks ensue as they pull a 'Great-Esacpe' style mission to avoid detection from the overly strict headmasters and an overly passionate team of campus security guards. Friendships are tested, there is lots of home alone style logic to outsmart the adults, and there is romantic tension between the leaders of the gangs as they put aside their differences to help their two friends find a place to be themselves. It is light-hearted in tone but is also over the top and everyone plays it way too serious to the point of comedy. The two kids swapping places have classic "parent trap" style hijinks pretending to be the other person and avoid detection. Think "kids next door""recess" but shot like a heist movie. Add a funny character actor as a dopey but well meaning janitor and you got a stew going. sleephawhoneedsit As a parent of two young impressionable children l 100% would take them to see this movie 19,090 notes “Kids Next Door + Reccess Heist Movie”

“Kids Next Door + Reccess Heist Movie”

Definitely, Doug, and New York: 2 Effigy of the Forgotten metalkilltheking: 1991. Effigy of the Forgotten is the debut album by band Suffocation, released in October 22. The cover artwork was created by Dan Seagrave.Suffocation was formed in 1988 on Long Island, New York, by vocalist Frank Mullen, bassist Josh Barohn, guitarists Guy Marchais and Todd German, and Barohn’s friend on drums.The album was dedicated to the memory of Atheist bassist Roger Patterson, who had been killed in a car crash earlier in 1991.Effigy of the Forgotten is considered to be one of the first death metal albums to have a highly sophisticated level of technical proficiency. The guitars are very low-end and down tuned whilst using a lot of tremolo picking and fast alternate picked notes alongside a lot of fast blast beats drumming and quick fills involved. It’s all very violent,  Some passages are oddly catchy and most of the solos are awesome. The slam on the album’s opener is famous for being the first slam in death metal history, and it’s one of the best at it. In fact, the whole song serves as the sole highlight to this album. It’s simply great from start to finish, with the other songs trying to outdo what it did best, Definitely a classic that I recommend for the death metal fans looking for older albums.Frank Mullen   Doug Cerrito    Terrance Hobbs   Josh Barohn   Mike Smith

metalkilltheking: 1991. Effigy of the Forgotten is the debut album by band Suffocation, released in October 22. The cover artwork was creat...

Anaconda, Be Like, and Community: onion-souls: fluorescent-air-fresheners: libertarirynn: the-real-adam-taurus: its-bewitched: weatheredlaw: daredevilbf: roskii: s0mbr4-h4xx3d-m3: nyanbianry: ina-gartens-weave: wanderthewoods: “Ice Cave” by Georgia O’Keeffe and a photograph of an ice cave. yeah Georgia? that’s an ice cave ? that’s a god damn ice cave? that’s the only thing you intended to paint? that’s it? just an ice cave? all of georgia okeefes art is like this dont act surprised It Really Is. Staff seeing this: i hate to ruin everyone’s fun BUT you guys are so annoying. georgia o’keeffe very specifically stated how much she hated it when people, especially men, sexualized her art. male art critics pushed the interpretation of her artwork as sexual onto her and it upset her VERY deeply: “When people read erotic symbols into my paintings they’re really talking about their own affairs,” O’Keeffe said. Still, the sexualized misconceptions of her work devastated her. “I almost wept,” she wrote of one review in 1921. http://nymag.com/arts/art/reviews/59249/ now, because of some immature dudes in the art community, her work has been sexualized forever, and her paintings are now sexual objects. so like…making pussy jokes about her artwork isn’t just annoying, it’s disrespectful to everything she worked for, and it’s like rubbing her legacy in her face. The male gaze really be like that sometimes huh? I’m a woman and I saw a pussy. Same Those 100% look like vaginas and nothing will convince me otherwise. Another girl here. Yep, them be vaginas I think it’s less “immature males” and more immature people in general
Ute and Artwork: Artwork by Ute Osterwalder (1981)

Artwork by Ute Osterwalder (1981)

Artwork: Artwork by Noboru Nonaka (1985)

Artwork by Noboru Nonaka (1985)

Anaconda, Finn, and Fucking: sugarteacat Apr 17, 2014 | Student Digital Artist I don't know if you have been informed but Hot Topic is actually selling this as a t-shirt: О.O Reply I hope they were able to use your permission! :C risno 4houirsagotor onkinonhiDitalasnotuSed with permission andes very thank you so much for linking this. it was not used with permission and it's very disheartening. Reply HOT TOPICEWSHP TO STORE FOR FREESyn h I HT-1 I Emal Social IStores NEW! SHP TO STORE FOR FREE GIRLS GUYS NEW TEES TANKS & SHORTSSHOES ACCESSORIES BAND MERCH POP CULTURE SALE CLEARANCE Online Only ALL TEES 20% OFF Use Promo Code TEES20 O Not Combinable With Hot Cash HOTTOPIC.COM POP CULTURE/TV/ ADVENTURE TIME Adventure Time In The Rain T-Shirt Adventure Time In The Rain T-Shirt SKU: 10171595 $24.50 20% OFF-USE CODE TEES20 ALMOST GONE 3X Availability Ships in 1- 2 days ADD TO BAG +Add to Wishlist Adventure Time T-shirt with an image of Jake and Finn standing in the rain. 100% cotton . Wash cold, dry low Imported commanderowl: casfresart: starstuckwastelanddog: zephyracloudbeast1293: filthyball: wolfwithinher: rickandmorty-some-things: strawberry-smiggles: madeinhellism: grimfaust: ponyking: naughtyjester: your-bud-crud: popstick: silascaptor: coffeeandcuteboys: girldoesnothing: adu101: piranhapunk: languidness: joyouscatus: You remember that post about the homestuck t-shirt design contest collaborating with hot topic? And how Hot Topic are the biggest art thieves?  This is recent.  As you can see above, I stumbled upon Hot Topic’s website and they are selling a very popular fan art put on a t-shirt, and did not ask permission from the original artist (rismo). This shows Hot Topic still continues their art thievery.  Hot Topic are still taking art from artists without their permission.  This is disrespectful and appalling. EXCEPT YOU DID GIVE THEM YOUR PERMISSION. BY AGREEING TO TERMS AND CONDITIONS ON DEVIANT ART. THEY SOLD IT TO A THIRD PARTY ROYALTY-FREE. http://www.deviantart.com/submit/agree woah oops deleting my deviantart account *instantly puts logo on my best pictures* 6. Payment Unless otherwise agreed between Artist and deviantART in a writing from deviantART, the license granted to deviantART under this Agreement is royalty-free. DeviantArt you literal piece of shit Uh what That’s not okay yo okay this is REALLY FUCKING IMPORTANT and imma be deleting my DA very soon because of it. are you fucking for real Just a heads up for people hosting their designs on DA Okay. I just read through the “agreement” that DA has implemented, and it is truly heinous. I will not be posting on DA anymore. ——— 3. License To Use Artist Materials. As and when Artist Materials are uploaded to the DeviantArt Site(s), Artist grants to DeviantArt a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive license to do the following things during the Term: a) to prepare and encode Artist Materials or any part of them for digital or analog transmission, manipulation and exhibition in any format and by any means now known or not yet known or invented; (DA  can post them on their website and edit them in any way they see fit) b) to display, copy, reproduce, exhibit, publicly perform, broadcast, rebroadcast, transmit, retransmit, distribute through any electronic means (including analog and digital) or other means, and electronically or otherwise publish any or all of the Artist Materials, including any part of them, and to include them in compilations for publication, by any and all means and media now known or not yet known or invented ; (They can publish your art in any media, use it to showcase their website or even promote certain groups without your knowledge. For all you know, your art could be promoting the KKK.) c) to modify, adapt, change or otherwise alter the Artist Materials (e.g., change the size) and use the Artist Materials as described in Section 3(b); and d) the right to sublicense to any other person or company any of the licensed rights in the Artist Materials, or any part of them, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. (They can edit, change, or otherwise modify your artwork in any way they want, as well as sublicensing it  to third parties, such as Hot Topic.) e) Artist acknowledges that Artist will not have any right, title, or interest in any other materials with which Artist Materials may be combined or into which all or any portion of Artist Materials may be incorporated. (By posting on FA, you forfeit your right to dispute any third party profits or copyright infringements upon your art.) f) During the Term, DeviantArt’s licenses under this Agreement include the right to use any part of the Artist Materials in the promotion, advertising or marketing of the DeviantART Sites. (DeviantArt can use your art to advertise anything they want.) g) As used in this Agreement, the term “Artist Materials” means any content uploaded to the DeviantArt Site(s) which may include without limitation Artist’s name(s) (including professional names), trademarks, trade names, likenesses, photographs, biographical materials, audio-visual materials, artwork, liner notes, and other graphical, textual, video, film or audio materials and any and all “skins,” computer-generated images or other artwork or images that Artist submits to DeviantArt in any medium or format whatsoever. (ANYTHING you submit to DeviantArt belongs to DeviantArt now. Including  your drawings, your photos, videos, your stock materials, your music/audio, your written stories, and your artist name.) Yes. THEY CAN EVEN USE YOUR ACTUAL ARTIST NAME. THEY OWN IT NOW,  IF YOU ARE PART OF DA. Fuck DA.  Burn them to the ground Pass it around That’s why I deleted months ago.It’s a terrible website and I hate it Passing on the PSA. I stopped using that site years ago. If you still use it, it’s not too late! Trash that shit. @everybery You should water mark the shit out of your stuff dear! I’ve had my designs on shirts without permission quite a few times ! Yep. Deleted over 400 drawings and photos from DA over an year ago. I used the site for over 8 years not knowing these terms of service since they don’t actually show them to you when you make an account. Sure you can find them if you do some digging but they don’t shove it to your face. Also it doesn’t matter if your art has a watermark or whatever. Like it says above they have the right to edit and modify your pics so they can just remove your useless watermarks and signatures and then use your art freely and you can’t complain because you have agreed to all of this. There is no reason whatsoever to use Deviantart (maybe if you are a stockartist that gives their shit for free lol). Leave this piece of shit site before they use you like the arrogant asshats they are. For anyone who still uses DA, please read this. This is relevant now more then ever because I see alot of people debating going back to DA Lolokaynevermind. Ver important in the light of tumblr purge. Many of you wold like to move to the DA and here is why it isn’t a good idea.
Party, Target, and Tumblr: ABD ILLUSTRATES character art commissions STY MORE EXAMPLES A ABD-ILLUSTRATES-ART TUMBLR.COM ABD ILLUSTRATES character art commissions MORE EXAMPLES A ABD-ILLUSTRATES-ART.TUMBLR.COM SLAT COLOR ABD ILLUSTRATES 51/1o ABD ILLUSTRATES character art commissions MORE EXAMPLES A ABD-ILLUSTRATES-ART.TUMBLR.COM CELL TONE&SHADIG ABD ILLUSTRATES character art commissions MORE EXAMPLES A ABD-ILLUSTRATES-ART.TUMBLR.COM DIGITAL PAINTING OPTION ALSO AVAILABLE FOR SINGLE-CHARACTER ARTWORKS! 09/o3 USTRATES ABD ILLUSTRATES character art commissions PRICING LINEWORK FLAT COLOR CELL TONE DIGITAL +BACKGROUND: [SKETCHY/CLEAN) -SHRDING PAIGBRSEICE USTESINILEFHCLU FRACTION APPLIES TO SINGLE CHARA BASE PRICE LISTED IN LEFT COLUMNS HEADSHOT: E15 $20) E25 $30 E40 $55 E50 $65) TORSO E20 $25 E30 ($40) E5O ($65 E6O $75) FULL BODY;E25 $30) £35 $45) E6O $75) E7O s90) [BUY 1 CHARACTER, GET NEXT 3 HALF PRICE I 1/2 PRICE DEAL APPLIES TO EVERY 3 ADDITIONAL CHARACTERS REQUESTED FOLLOWING THE FIRST IN A SINGLE COMMISSION. E.G: IN A 7-CHARACTER COMMISSION, THE 1ST CHARACTER IS FULL PRICE; THE 2ND, 3RD AND 4TH ARE EACH HALF PRICE-THE DEAL THEN REPEATS, MAKING THE 5TH FULL PRICE, THE 6TH & 7TH HALF PRICE, ETC"] Λ л [ IF SEEKING LARGER GROUP SHOTS [EG:060 PARTY ARTWORK), FURTHER DEALS MAY BE VIABLE DEPENDING ON DESIRED ART STYLE, COMPOSITION, ETC.) л ^ [ ADDITIONAL BACKGROUND COSTS LISTED ABOVE ARE GUIDELINES AND MAY VARY DEPENDING ON DESIRED COMPLEXITY/LEVEL OF DETAIL, ETC.] abd-illustrates: ABD-illustrates’ Character Art Commissions! (EDIT: updated my rates to suit my current art style - go ahead and check out the latest work in my DeviantArt gallery or on my ArtBlog if you want to get a better idea of the options available!) Want a custom artwork of your favorite character, your OC, your DnD party, or any other such super cool creation? Well you’re in the right place! Here’s the rundown: Make sure that I have slots available by quickly checking out the description of my blog Read the terms under the cut! Anything unclear after reading through the T’s C’s? Feel free to hit up my askbox with any queries! Once you’re ready, send a request my way via email! (Address listed after TC’s below) FULL TERMS AND CONTACT INFO UNDER THE CUT! Keep reading

abd-illustrates: ABD-illustrates’ Character Art Commissions! (EDIT: updated my rates to suit my current art style - go ahead and check out ...