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Definitely, Dude, and Facebook: oo Verizon11:09 AM 91% Q Search Jake Yochem August 31 at 8:07 PM. Please help me share this if you can. Last week on my flight from Salt Lake City to Charlotte employees of Delta destroyed the top of my bass. It was in a flight proof fiber glass case which is virtually indestructible, yet they managed to mistreat it so much that it sustained three cracks over the sound post and bass bar which would collapse the whole top were I to put the bridge back on. The case was covered in fragile stickers. When I got it back at baggage claim it had not been latched back together. I have filed a claim with the airline but they show no interest in claiming responsibility. As a working musician, they have not only destroyed one of most valued possessions but have also left me without the instrument that helps me make a living Please share this if you can, and be weary of traveling with Delta Airlines if you care about your possessions. ooo Verizon LTE 11:06 AM 1 91% Q Search 3.3K Shares shaelthefangirl: debdastardly: theangryviolinist: flyawayrae: flyawayrae: Just in case the link to the Facebook post mysteriously stops working.. This kind of shit makes me so mad. He bought the best case he could buy (and those cases are hella expensive) and the airline unlatched it and handled it so poorly that his instrument is now destroyed. A sound post crack forever alters the sound of a string instrument, and devalues the instrument considerably. This is totally unacceptable and could have been completely avoided if the people at Delta Airlines had handled the case correctly. I’m sure there’s protocol for this and it definitely was not followed. Make this go viral. Messaged delta this on Facebook. No response. disgusting I am not surprised at all. Shameful. Not cool dude it always makes me cringe when someone mishandles and interment