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England, Ally, and Germany: Winda Riga RIGA THE NETHERLANDS ENGLAND BALTIC 0 Libau Mifan Ostend Yser Antwerp Bruges ХXXX 1 Ghent Scheldt FLANDERS Dover SEA ChavliO Calais Deina First Yores Brussels Aachen XXXX Liege Vitebsk Boulogne ÉtaplesARTOIS KOVNO Smolensk Meuse KONIGSBERC 2 VILNA Mons AST USSIA Namur MINSK XXXX Somme B ELGIUM Grodno 3 Ossowiee Baranovichi ARD Amiens ise Looking left Cooking tight bourg ХXXX Ro ABeauvais E RSAW 4gne MAN ADVANCE P Pripet Swamp FItst Aisne Reims Seine Lutsko Paris ORovno KIEF EMBERGO CHAMPACALE 1914 Dubno First Marne FRA NCE Troyes Tarnopol Because you didn't treat me right Berause you left Kaiser Wilhelmund Looking up 7Bolzano Caalse LEVENT CONRAD REN TNO Treat Looking down Trieste Brescia Leests Venice Вarareл castiglise Because you ct me down ISTRIA Manteglisns ENICE ALLIED tuo NORTHEASTERN ITALY, 1915-1917 BATTLE OF CAPORETTO (TWELFTH BATTLE OF THE ISONZO) Situation 24 October and Operations to 12 November 1917 RIAT C New Dork Tribune MONAY MAW Italy Declares War on Austria-Hungary; Germany Announces She Stands by Ally NRS. KELLY BEGS TE ISITAN INORS IN QUEENSTOWN-FIRST PITGRAPHS OF TIIE DISASTER HER DAUGHTER То СОМЕ НОМЕ Teutonic Allies Formally Notified T REACH AMERKN Because you day, and Military Leaders Plan First Blow MARTIAL LAW IN PROVINCES fucked up Opposing Armies Half Mle Apart. but Ncither Knows Where Other Will Strike Triple Entente Now a Quadruple Alliance. AUSTRIAN MENACE FORCES WAR ITALY SAYS IN DECLARATION Meuse Lieb Vaterland, magst ruhig sein!