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Bad, Be Like, and Children: /Film BSEV geek The Daily Dut Movie reviow: 'Sole' plays fast and leose with 'Star Wars'- and that's a good thing The Last Jedi has no respect for nostalgia-and that's a good thing MGY 12 208 Wiry Removing Lord & Miller from the Han Solo Movie is a 1 Good Thing "Solo: A Star Wars Story" Looks Like a Dumb Fan-Film, But That's No Bad Thing Ava Duvernay Says She Isn't Doing 'Sta Wars'- That's Proba Good Thing Harrison Ford Did Not Attend The 'Solo' t Premiere-And That's a Good Thing Rtns20E Matow icthagin rer.eckeçater ea E Mashable Alker Ehreee.ct's Har. Solo is not Hurrison Ford's Thar's a good thir.g echrica = Ma = Rurtes Star Wors: Rogne One Is Not Getting A Sequel And That is A Guul Thiug wI LANDO WIAS CUT FROM "STAR WARS: nogue One is a different ki Star Wars monie, and tha 20od thing THE LAST JEDI" (AKD ITS A GOOD THING) Toed Kenreck, DEELRUER raY SAMGA RS THE LAST JEDI DECONSTRUCTS STAR WARS. AND THAT'S A GOOD THING. haThis Jun' Y Su uer a Geod Tary rskei kiw ary , z SPARKLIFE BGR Star Wars Episo VIII: The Last Je is No Empire Strikes Back, An That's a Good Thing The Last Jedi Isn't The Star Wars Kfovie Yon're Rogue One's Heroes Aren't so Heroic, and That's a Good Thing The ariginal 'Rogue One' ending was scrapped and that's a good thing FONCE HATERS OONNA HATE Star Wars Wasnt Made For Looling Tor (Ant That's Fanboys/Fangins (and That's a Cood A Guod Thing) Thingl স- The Force Awakens is Fan Fiction; And That's a Good Thing by Dave Rudden Why I Am Excited for the New Star Wars Movie, Which Is for Children STTAR WARS toofab 6 Ways Star Wars: The A Entartainmant Rogue One, or, the Disneyfication of Star Warsis Complete (and This isa Good Thin) J.J. Abrams says he has a script for 'Episode IX Here's why that's a good thing The Last Jedi Killed My Childhood, And That's Exactly Why It's Great VOGUE Last Jedi' Brokc the Franchise (And Why That's a Good Thing) CJLTUTE T FoS Why the Star Wars Last Jedi Backlash Good Thing A oIN CALI CLLE Disney cancels 'Star Wars' spinoffs: Why that's a good thing friedas inspire. taste. love. NME a = IndieWire gamesradar a = ticket IGN Gary the Unicorn: 'The Last Jedt demolishes 'Star Wars conventions (and that's a good thing) Why 'Star Wars: The Force Awakem' Not Screening for Might Bea Good Thing VAy Star arsTeTw k Scearing for CaksMalit BaG The Han Solo movie is undergoing more reshoots Kill Your Parents - Why It's Good That George Lucas Was Kept Away From The New Star Wars Films KAREN'S PLATE? (but that's not as bad as it sounds) the fruit awakens: why 'star wars' produce branding is a good thing = Rurbes WHY BLOWING UP THE STAR WARS EXPANDED UNIVERSE WAS A GOOD THING Disney's decieion to clear out the I lere's Why Yuu re Wnng II Ynn Thinl. Rry Nerds More Iraining in 'Star Wars: Ihe Last Jedi etalmin galaxy could mean groat things for Star War Amazing. Erery word of what youust said.. was wrong. Hollywood Journalism be like: “Hail Corporate”

Hollywood Journalism be like: “Hail Corporate”

Lucy, Ava, and Photogenic: E AVA Lucy is very photogenic when there's a promise of treats 🐶💕

Lucy is very photogenic when there's a promise of treats 🐶💕

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Customer Tried to Steal This Entire Cart of Items Totaling 5 Thousand Dollars.