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Doctor, Fake, and Fucking: o AT&T 7:09 PM Comments mamagrotesque @thekatvond so excited for you do your research on vaccines, they aren't vegan! 42m 81 likes Reply Hide replies thekatvond # @mamagrotesque there's no way we are vaccinating our baby. High five to you for promoting that! 39m 211 likes Reply stinasteen @thekatvond this makes me so happy! 37m 14 likes Reply kieragarrity @thekatvond are you not vaccinating because it isn't vegan or because of other reasons? 37m 30 likes Reply queen_zenia86 @thekatvond I agree. My sons last vaccination was at 5 years old and he's 10. I'm nervous though because of the diseases he is vulnerable to. I want to protect him from everything 37m 9 likes Reply atomsk.avi @thekatvond this is so so sad That poor child.. Add a comment.. 7:09 PM Comments thekatvond # @k.eragarrity for several reasons. After much research, we feel vaccinations are not safe, and seem to be pushed by an industry who's interest is not in the well being of man kind. 32m 237 likesReply thekatvond # @probreakfaster you do you. And how bout you let me do me 31m 192 likesReply atomsk.avi @seemoonaa honey, no. Oh o no no, no 31m 35 likes Reply allimary olauren stone397 fake science, call it the Jenny McCarthy's body count, it's been disproven countless times and the doctor is a fraud and morons still believe it 30m 116 likesReply am.schaefer @thekatvond Herd immunity 30m 24 likes Reply thekatvond # @mpankratz08 I would reconsider if the research proves what you've just commented. But sadly, al sound evidence points to the opposite. Add a comment.. rapunzelie:‪Y'ALL - KAT VON D IS A FUCKING ANTI-VAXXER!!! Fucking so disappointing and shameful.‬