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Best Friend, Bodies , and Goals: 01 30% 18:21 erivative arter a Her style is simple yet elegant. First, we watch a movie that is timeless in its hard core ability to entertain and make a room full of British Royal Guards lash about hysterically *cough* #Deadpool2 saved my wretched. miserable, dying soul *cough*. And then. We eat Naturally. But there's so much more to it We don't have to make constipated, uncomfortable small talk about the weather and life goals, whatever that is. We never have elephants in the room to tread around ever so lightly but that's only because we have tamed them all. We don't have to concern ourself with our portions and whether the other person is judging us by our overflowing plates. We don't care if an unassuming burp escapes our bodies or if a chicken fibre decides to adventurously dangle from between our front two teeth. We have (albeit creepily) the EXACT same taste in most things so there's never any conflict over what to order, There are no awkward silences, just satisfied pauses where we let all the wholesomeness seep in for a minute. We can talk about mating rituals and styles of snakes and how it is contraindicative to evolutionary etiologies of human sexual behavior and then inappropriately guffaw about queefs the very next moment. We can look our best or give in to lethargy and just hobo out in criminally oversized sweatshirts We can be everything. We can do nothing. And well still have a date better than the generic best Ladies and gentlemen. Date your best friend with all sincerity so that you know what to never settle less from. Because it is almost a scientific fact that s/he is truly and irrevocably, as good as it gets. Having a relationship with your best friend is the world's latest best thing