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Part 5 Character Status: Episode 35: JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE: GOLDEN WIND CHARACTER STATUS EPISODE 35 ALIVE FREAKY JOJO FRIDAY PT. 2 IN DANGER/MISSING/UN KNOWN Narancia Bruno Mista Giorno Status: Currently 1:2 in saving people from King Crimson Status: Counting himself lucky "At least I only Status:"ALL YOU Status: Took HAD TO DO WAS flight one last DROP THE DAMN time "It was so easy BULLET TRISH" -The second got one hole" the first time" goodest boy taken from us -Shot the convict - Almost got stoned, and not in a dank way because he this episode "Something tells misgendered him me I shouldn't be planning my future right now" Polnareff Trish Fugo Abbacchio Status: Took the Status: Made another pro Status: "Godspeed Status:Shook last bus home you magnificent bastard." "Mista, he took "HA. GIORNO a fencepole to the gamer move to DIED. Narancia? head. No amount retrieve the What are you of superstition is gonna affect this" -Keeps seeing some stupid face _"If there is a fifth arrow doing here?" "You can't have your stand attack you if you don't have a stand..." "I was, sadly, killed, yes. BUT person claiming to be me, I swear to God... I LIVED" Literal Baby Momma Convict Diavolo Doppio Status: Got tired Status: Self explanatory Status: Too good Status:Punished of making donuts and decided to for misgendering for this world, Too pure "Was I good boy Mista slice oranges boss?" "No...You were the best." Owner Police Officer Benedict Araki-sensei Status:"Is someone Status: You're Status: You're the dog now Status: Somehow killed all the good boys except the dog in this episode gonna help these cuffs off?" me take the man noW, dog! man! Part 5 Character Status: Episode 35