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Ass, Bitch, and Chill: probablyvampirerpgideas Make a Vampire character who's lived through several waves of the common language's development and can't let go if certain gramatical habbits from different time eras So like, thou ist a horrid creature, an absolute cur, but go off i guess anachronistic-cat .. can i use that phrase irl? probablyvampirerpgideas Absolutely you can and I encourage more uses of similar phrases that just completely fuck up the chronology of the english langauge. I wanna hear 15th century english mixed with surfer speak mixed with current age nternet lingo like all the time the-argumentative-viper Like this? Well my dude, seems like a weasel hath not such a deal of splean as you're toss'd with. Chill already, you're not valid nuttersincorporated You are an unrighteous, basardly gullion. Heaven truly knows that thou art false as hell. When you die, I will face God and walk backwards into hell just so that I can beat your ass in the afterlife too fromthemindofatwentyorotherlycan I love the idea of a vampire who's language travels back in time as they get pissed take-a-dip-in-the-deadpool grieve for thee in these trying times. Alexa play Despacito sleepyamericanteen Reading these is like literary whiplash kyraneko Thou'rt a base and unhappy drama-fucker and I would yeet you out the nearest window for a donut. rickktish Bestill thy mongrel tongue and shut your face ere I unhappy thot do yeet thee hence!! I'll not hesitate, bitch, to do thee in whomst ruinest mine pizza with thine vape Source: probablyvampirerpgideas Hmm, thy bosoms heart beats no more. YEET!