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Racist (red) gets put in his place on "British Culture": weeks ago I wish the background music was more japanese traditional song It 17 1 REPLY Hide replies 1 week ago Yes, but either way we can be so jealous of the Japanese. Tokyo still belongs to Japan, and 99.9% of the population are Japanese. Go to London, Paris, or Washington and you can see we've lost our own capitals. London has an Islamic mayor and only 44.6% of the population are ethnic British, with Chinese and middle-eastern investors now combined owning more real estate in London than all European (including British) investors combined. So walk down the streets of London and you don't see British culture, you don't hear English spoken most of the time, and you pay rent to foreigners to live in your own country. Sad. Show less Ib 6 41 REPLY 1 day ago What is this "lost" "British culture" you speak of? Is it tea that was taken from colonised India? Rock music inspired by African slaves? Beer from the Irish? Cars made in Germany? Getting invaded by the Vikings, Normans, Romans, Saxons, Jutes, etc? "British culture" has ALWAYS been about diversity and integration, and by your apparent attitude of opposing this you are going against the very thing that made London a leading city of the world in the first place. I.E. You oppose the very values of British Culture that you want to preserve. Show less It 2 1 REPLY I day ago (edited) "Walk down the streets of London and you don't see British culture" - as a British Asian born in London I walk down its streets and see an incredible City of development and modern values where people of all cultures can coexist and learn from each other. People with your attitude may be the downfall of the UK and you won't even realise. It 2 1 REPLY Racist (red) gets put in his place on "British Culture"

Racist (red) gets put in his place on "British Culture"