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beachdeath:https://thenewinquiry.com/hot-allostatic-load/: CALL-OUT CULTURE AS RITUAL DISPOSABILITY Feminist/queer spaces are more willing to criticize people than abusive systems because they want to reserve the right to use those systems for their own purposes. At least attacking people can be politically viable, especially in a token system where vou benefit directly by their absence, or where your status as a good feminist is dependent on constantly rooting out evil When the bounty system calls for the ears of evil people, well, most people have a fucking ear. When I used to curate games, I was approached by people in that abusive community who pressured me not to cover a game by a trans woman. Their reasoning was blatant jealousy, disguised under the thin, nauseating film of pretext that covers nearly everything people say about trans people. When I rejected their reasoning and covered the game, the targeting reticule of disposability turned toward me. What can we learn from this? Besides "lofty processes in queer/feminist spaces are nearly always about some embarrassingly petty shit," it's about the ritual nature of disposability, which has nothing to do with "deserving" it. Disposability has to happen on a regular basis, like forest fires keeping nature in balance. So when people write all those apologist articles about call-out culture and other instruments of violence in feminism, I don't think they understand that the people who most deserve those things can usually shrug off the effects, and the normalization of that violence inevitably trickles down and affects the weak. It is predictable as water. Criminal justice applies punishment under the conceit of blind justice, but we see the results: Prisons are flooded with the most vulnerable, and the rich can buy their way out of any problem In activist communities, these processes follow a similar pragmatism Punishment is not something that happens to bad people. It happens to those who cannot stop it from happening. It is laundered pain, not a balancing of scales. beachdeath:https://thenewinquiry.com/hot-allostatic-load/