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Community, Facebook, and Facepalm: WORLD'S OUICK REFERENCE GUIDE f EST Facebook 199 0O QuickStudy BUSINESS $ Essential social networking for businesses, organizations, bands, and more. YOUR PERSONAL FACEBOOK PROFILE INTRODUCTION Key Terms for Your Personal Profile oCheck in: Let your friends and followers know where you are Feeling/Activity: Let your friends and followers know how you're feeling and what you're doing by selecting from drop-down lists. Follow: Clicking the Follow button on a person's profile or business's Page lets you see the posts that person or business has designated as public information. You can get these updates even if you are not a friend or fan. Choose See First to have the status appear more often in your news feed. oFriend: Someone who is connected to another person within the Facebook social network. Facebook friends are for personal profiles only. oFriend Lists: A feature that allows users to organize their Facebook friends into groups based on networks, interests, and other similarities Groups: A place within Facebook for small group communication and for people to share their common interests. Groups can be created by any Facebook user. Home page: The page that hosts your news feed (where you view other people's posts) and the place where you can access Facebook features, including Messenger, Watch (live videos), Marketplace, etc. oLike: When a Facebook user clicks the thumbs up button on a Facebook Page, that user "likes" a Page. The Like button can also be clicked to represent the approval of a comment, photo, or status update. Hover over the Like button to leave Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Angry reactions. oNews feed: Shows status updates from a user's Facebook friends, as well as status updates from businesses (i.e., Pages) the user has liked on Facebook. oPost: See status updates. oStatus updates: The posts that a user enters into the small text box that appears on a timeline and at the top of the Facebook home page when a user logs in. Status updates can include text, photos, videos, links, emojis, stickers, GIFS, and feelings/ activities. You may also add check ins, tag friends, and select from a variety of backgrounds. o Tag: A word or mark that can appear on a photo, map, app, etc., to let your friends and followers know who you're with oTicker: A feature that allows users to see their friends' Facebook activity in real What Is Facebook? Facebook is a social media platform created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 when he was a student at Harvard University. Today, the platform hosts over 2 billion active users and is the most popular social networking site on the World Wide Web. What Is the Difference between a Facebook Profile & a Facebook Page? A Facebook profile is for people, not businesses or products. It is a place where people interact with friends and family. When you connect with people on Facebook, they become your "friends." On a Facebook profile, you can upload pictures and videos, share status updates, and invite people to become your friends. Videos you stream with Facebook Live are published to your profile after the broadcast ends. Friends Message Following Dale More Photos Friends & Mutual About Timeline OPhoto/Video Make Post Intro Write something to Dale... Lives in Portanal Oregon Me Feeling/Activity Photo/Video Dale time. October 7 at 546pm Timeline: The name for a user's profile or business's main Facebook Page. Stories, photos, comments, likes, etc., combine to tell your unique story on your timeline. A Facebook Page is for local businesses and places; companies, organizations, and institutions; brands and products; artists, bands, and public figures; entertainment; and causes and communities. Other users don't become your friends, personal profile; instead, they like or follow your Page. You can manage multiple Pages through one personal profile. Privacy Settings You can manage the privacy of your status updates, photos, and information using the audience selector either before or after posting a status update. Privacy settings can be selected by clicking the Quick Help drop-down menu next to the Notifications button, clicking Privacy Shortcuts, and then clicking Who can see my stuf? Facebook has six privacy setting options: Public: All of your Facebook content, including posts, photos, basic information (your About section), and recent activity, is viewable by anyone on Facebook. Even if you choose this wide-open option, use discretion when posting status updates and photos. Friends: People whom you have accepted as Facebook friends and their friends will be able to see your timeline content and Facebook activity oFriends except: Hide timeline activity from specific people or lists of people. oSpecific friends: Only allow specific friends or lists of people to view activity. oOnly me: Posts will appear in your timeline and news feed, but they will not be visible to anyone else. If you tag someone in a post that has the Only me setting, that person will also be able to see the post. Custom: Hide timeline activity from specific people or lists or only allow certain friends or lists to view activity. This information is not revealed to your friends. as with a GOING BACK TO SCHOOL with BETTER GRADES MATH S1Vit W ENCLSH PUBLISHINGns BIOLOGY Syandel BarCharts, Inc publishers of QuickStudy QuiCKStuay loned Secy Gidea Notebooks & Folders @barcharts Measage Nome Shop Now Like Folow Share About Satus Photo/Vide Publisher in Boca Raton, Florida Photos 4.8**** Videos something n this Page Posts See All Community Instagram Invite your friends to lke the Page Photos 2318 peopie ie this Events Remember, no matter which privacy setting you choose, the public will always be able see certain basic images on your timeline, such as your cover photo, profile photo, and limited About information. 2.220pople follow this Reviews TIP Amy Rula and 1 other ike hia or have ohecked Services Notes Offers See Al About Community Characteristics of a Personal Profile That You Will Never Regret In the About section of your profile, you must disclose your name, birth date, email or phone number, and gender, although you can make these details visible to only you. If you are a person with a public persona, such as a writer, artist, TIP politician, or celebrity, you can create a Page so that people whom you don't know personally-and whom you don't want to have access to your personal details-can like or follow your Page for updates. AOPEN A WOW SMH