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buzzfeedlgbt:This YouTuber Silenced Haters Who Said She Was “Too Masculine” To Be Pregnant (x): Shortly after Dominique posted photos of her pregnant belly, the couple started to receive some hateful and negative comments - mostly directed at Dominique. Being the "more masculine" of the two, some people said she should not be the one to carry the baby. Domo and Crissy @domoandcrissy Following People are really bullying me because I'm pregnant and I dress "masculine" RETWEETS LIKES 84 1,062 12:34 AM-10 Jan 2017 96 84 1.1K 999 Somebody explain what tf going on Q Search domoandcrssy domoandcissy Chris Ashleyy shared Bri Naylor's photo. 12 mins . 18m aga 1mago She's pregnant. That's what's going on Under those clothes guess what she still is .a woman. Guess what she can still do.. get pregnant. Guess what she's getting ready to do in a couple weeks.. give birth. This just makes me more comfortable to have my own baby one day . Bri Naylor 29 weeks and 6 days Deadass big as hell JWYER Following domo.crissy.15 132,443 likes 1d domo.crissy.15 I am a woman. I am a woman who has always wanted a child. am a woman who likes to dress how she pleases and doesn't give two shits about your stereotypes. Who cares if I like to wear snap backs and joggers? Who cares that I'm not the "normal" look of a pregnant woman. I am Domonic's mom and I am proud! There's a lot of hate going around with me being a "pregnant stud" which is soooo funny to me. Like you people cry all day "don't judge" or "I hate when people judge but are the MAIN ONES. I went to a sperm bank to conceive Domonic, and I am so blessed to be able to bring him into this world! He will have the best life. One thing will teach Domonic is to always be himself and to stand up for himself! So Domonic, mommy is sorry that you have to be born in a world full of hate, but just know that I will do my best to protect you. I love you Domonic Cristopher Wilson. You make me a 30 weeks pregnant and PROUD! Fuck society and fuck a label. My baby boy is blessed Domo and Crissy @domoandcrissy Following Domonic is gonna come out with an attitude all this clapping back I been doing this pregnancy #AllForHimThough RETWEETS LIKES 42 453 11:04 AM-12 Jan 2017 13 t 42 453 buzzfeedlgbt:This YouTuber Silenced Haters Who Said She Was “Too Masculine” To Be Pregnant (x)