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Is this good?: DIONT KEAN IT IT ME A PLar Haha, Give me Free Gold and CREEPER AWW MAN GREG! YOU POSTED CRINGE! YOU'RE GONNA LOST SUBSCRIBERS! Karma! DIARY of a OUTTA MY WAY,LIBERALS! GOOD ONE, MANNY! Wimpy Kid The Bruh BUTT Pass INTERNATIONAL REG! WE'RE HoME O BRUH PASS Cringe Ass Nae Nae Baby (2002-2004 shot to death) Ths pess entitles GREG HEFFLEY ful and une vie of the werd BRUH bably bout mobile e of the has just An LLB by u/dogburgerzz I'M GAY Coer by nard DIARY OF A WIMPY KID ng. Just characters! Friday Friday My senses went haywire and I experienced intense hallucinations. this, but I shel- Fregley Well. It's been a long time since Tve written in this, I'm notsure how to I'm not sure where to start. Onear ago, I tried night a the Plain to kill myself. I survived. Barely. spent the past even th razies pa year in the hospital and lost the e of my legs. The I had local say Thats DAD, IS ISRAEL A LEGITIMATE STATE? UM... NOT NECESSARILY... EMERG my guard wh, becaus him and e n telling hi paper got lazy and declared dead the second talkina I Alatlined. Greg Heff is dea I lost. It sesr en't quess gh. LOO Luc er re ne was WASN ROU REG, MY KNOW IF Y on the shopping cart hat le think to takarge K THAT, BUT EN HE AD. HE HIT ME E HIT ALLY, SOMETIME DURING ELEMANTARY SCHOOL, MOM TOLD HIM TO LEAVE. EVEN THOUGH HE WAS A TOTAL PIECE OF SHIT, I STILL MISSED HIM. IT WASN'T EASY WITHOUT HIM, MÔM BARELY HAD ENOUGH INCOME TO SUPPORT ME. YOU PROBABLY REMEMBER HOW I COPED, NEVER QUITE ACTING NORMAL. HE TOOK QUITE THE MENTAL TOLL, AND I DON'T THINK I EVER RECOVERED. ITS NOT LIKE WE COULD AFFORD THERAPY. I KNOW WE WERENT REALLY FRIENDS, AND I DON'T BLAME YOU FOR THAT. I'VE ALYSAD MY MOM, THOUGH, SHE'S THE VE EVER HAD. I DON'T WANT TO DON matte d though my erection, but lets not for get his mom has real unny to laugh E WAS PR OM. knd of nitors supp closet, with a searing pain in my lower half. It took me sorme time to be able to grasp me, my l of it. I've spent a lot of time in recovery, chose to take advantage of it, I've started talking to therapists, trying to fix myself. They actually told me hot to write in this anymore, but I needed ohe last entry. Today, I leave the hospital. Today, I start my new life. Never again dwelling on my past, today, I forge my new path into the future. y own, (S-SUSAN?!) I. like: Suddenly. was a dream I thought. Straight away, went to Rodrick's room and told him about bed again. Perhaps it was in my so 1 tage 3 breast cancer, so I didn't take him too the riously. Thankfully, I didn't nut, can't the say situation. he about Fregley though. WHAT THE FUCK FREGLEY?? Reaching down, I felt burning groin. last night's incident. I almost pissed myself when Rodrick blew up a second time and I my It was gone. Reduced to atoms. There was DIARY of a Wimpy Kid experienced the same hallucinations agair I was about to say Bruh' but I decided Before I knew it, I was inh my room oncthis to the GOBM. Mom sai Rodri DIARY of a nothing there. |Smooth. So horrifically smooth. against it because of the risk of revealing all of Dad. was birape The Jef Kaney Stery I was shocked. My wife, the mother I RECENTLY FOUND THE GOBM'S HIDEOUT. My boner wasn + going away to live with it. Trust me, it isn't around school with everyone knowing y however, more. ncarton Winpy Kid fault, trying to kill me. I mean, I khow wi but I never thought Susan finding o What in the goddamn..? easy BEST FR TRIP TO THE TRI-STATE AREA GOO TO DO, MAN, BUT I REALLY THING YOU CAN DO IS SEE YOUR t wil be worth it in the end when I a D OF THE DAY, FAMILYS FAMILY. TE т Mom attached a tracker on the GOBM the last time he visited her. She brought up the location on one of the computers. the edge as it has. DIARY of a PHENEAB ANG EROUSOVER was. GIV PEN Wimpy Kid An LLB by u/chengweiyingji thought the best advice I've d be from Fregley? -Greg Heffley (15 Days Remain) As I was contemplating the events the That's the neighbourhood where Holly lved. occurred, there was a faint knock on th Don't ask me HOW I know, but that's door. Friday Holy shit. I cant belbeve what happened MANNY IS OUT. HE NUTTED TODAY! PENIS was GONE. Cover by /MGnard LLB by /u/ben12311l been She definitely it. 11 11111 Is this good?