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Physics, Accepted, and Cosmos: The accepted laws of physics which scientists agree describe or govern the behavior of the cosmos, do not, of course, apply to goats.

The accepted laws of physics which scientists agree describe or govern the behavior of the cosmos, do not, of course, apply to goats.

Anaconda, Betty White, and Chris Evans: bundibird: wrangletangle: stevenrogered: Chris Evans helps Regina King up the stairs to the stage after her Oscars win Okay listen up, all you dudes out there! It’s time for some life lessons from Chris Evans. Wonder why women are fine with this when he does it, but they find you opening a car door or offering to carry stuff for them annoying? Well, wonder no more! It works like this: A large number of women have had to learn how to dodge and swerve and sometimes even slap away men’s hands from the time they hit puberty - and sometimes before. Ladies, cis and trans both, are unfortunately experienced at being groped, poked, prodded, “helped”, and otherwise humiliated and threatened by men. Then also there’s the condescending attitude that of course we need a man’s help, and we should be grateful he offered it. No thanks. Chris is doing something very different here, and you’ll see it in similar video clips of him at other events. You can read his mental process in his body language. He starts with just clapping and congratulating. He offers nothing until there is a need, which doesn’t happen here until Regina’s shoe gets caught on her dress. Since women have literally tripped up the stairs at this ceremony several times over the years (because the shoe and clothing requirements are ridiculous), it is reasonable at this stage to think that my-shoe-caught-on-my-dress is a problem that actually needs to be addressed. This is when Chris offers. How he offers matters. He starts with an open hand toward her, but this is a big no-no. Open hands are a red flag. Open hands grope and grab and shove. He quickly corrects by flipping his arm over and offering his forearm instead. This makes it her choice whether to grab on or ignore him. She doesn’t have to contend with a potentially threatening hand while she’s also contending with her dress. He also bends down a bit to do this. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Chris is kind of a tall, beefy guy. Guys like that can be a bit intimidating without meaning to be, at least when they’re up close. Also, his arm is a bit too high to be useful to her if he stays at his full height. So he bends down. This is even more visible in the video from him doing this for Betty White at the 2015 Oscars, because she’s shorter than Regina, I guess. He offers his arm for exactly as long as she leans on it. When she lets go, he steps back. This is a guy who isn’t interested in showing off how much she needs his help. He’s just interested in helping, and when he’s not needed, he’s done. He goes back to sit down. He doesn’t hover. Also, Regina King knows who Chris Evans is. His behavior at work thus far has certainly made it into the rumor mill, thus factoring into whether she accepts help from him. Is he a dudebro or jerk to women at work? That doesn’t appear to be the case. Women are not helpless. Compared to men, our clothes are more often obstacles to getting where we need to go safely and with our dignity intact, but conversely, we’ve also learned to deal with that better than most men have. It’s not that we never need or want help; like all people, we do sometimes need a hand. It’s just that “some kinds of help are the kinds of help we all could do without.” If you are offering help to a woman, first make sure she actually appears to be struggling. Second, make yourself as unthreatening as possible and let her do any touching, not the other way around. Third, make sure she can refuse without any consequences. And fourth, back off as soon as she doesn’t need you anymore and let the moment go. I hadn’t even registered why exactly it was that he was so unthreatening in this and the Betty White assistance incidents, but you’re right. It’s all in the way he helps. It’s not that this is unthreatening behaviour “because he’s Chris Evans” – its because his body language is genuinely unthreatening and merely helpful. A+ analysis – I hadn’t even registered the details of why and how this behaviour was 100% ok, while from another man (who probably would have gone about it differentky) it might not have been
Amazon, Bad, and Cats: ashley Follow ashley bene read & rt if you have a pup!! Amazon '11令 2:16 PM 2 hrs WARNING! Saturday night I got home late and my dog didn't recognize me. Being a nanny I thought I woke him up and he was having a night terror. Sunday he was still acting weird. I realized I had been running my new diffuser and decided to turn it off. Sunday afternoon he was feeling better. Today at work my dog sitter said he wouldn't come out from beneath the bed (very odd behavior for this happy guy). I came home from work early and again he was very confused about who I was so I took him to emergency. Turns out the tea tree oil I was using in the diffuser is toxic for dogs. I didn't even put on his body. Thankfully tests show that his liver is okay but we aren't out of the woods yet. It is a full 72 hours after exposure. He was given fluids under his skin to try to clear out the toxins. The vet and poison control say they are seeing more and more of these cases as the popularity of essential oils is growing. Please be sure the essential oils you are using are not toxic for dogs or cats (you can find a list online... turns out tea tree is one of the worst). I am very upset so I would appreciate it if people didn't condemn me as a bad puppy mommy, but I wanted to share as to not have anybody else's babies go through this. Brandon Evers @BrandonEvrs Follow Tea tree oils are toxic for pets! For dogs: Clove Garlic Juniper Rosemary Tea Tree Thyme Wintergreen For cats: Cassia Cinnamon Citrus Clove Eucalyptus Lemon Lavender Peppermint Spruce Tea Tree Thyme ashley @ashley_benel read & rt if you have a pup!! 12:38 PM-2 Aug 2018 18,360 Retweets 16,881 Likes imfemalewarrior: sokerikeiju: gahdamnpunk: PLUS!!: Toxic for rabbits: Anise, Clove, Oregano, Tea Tree, Wintergreen Safe for rabbits: Lavender, lemon, orange, fennel,  eucalyptus and peppermint, all should be diluted with water! I’ve posted this once or twice but this is important info 💕 For pet owners following me! -FemaleWarrior

imfemalewarrior: sokerikeiju: gahdamnpunk: PLUS!!: Toxic for rabbits: Anise, Clove, Oregano, Tea Tree, Wintergreen Safe for rabbits: Lave...

Bad, Children, and Crime: MAGA means bigotry MAGA means racism MAGA means homophobia MAGA means anti-semitism MAGA means divisiveness Hate crimes are on the rise because the tone is set from the top and Trump's tone is, "there are good people on both sides." Prayers to #JussieSmollett. La communalconcubine: tehgore: friendly-neighborhood-patriarch: libertarirynn: Too bad more and more of these “hate crimes“ are proven hoaxes. Will y’all ever learn to at least spend two seconds critically thinking about something before swallowing it as fact because “orange man bad”? That was a rhetorical question. MAGA MEANS ANY BAD THING EVER. MAGA IS MY SECULAR SUBSTITUTE FOR LITERAL SATAN If men were paid enough more women could stay home and be happy wives. Instead we all work and scrape by living as wage slaves, some unable to support kids and lead a full life.If we were allowed to talk about crime rates like how 13% of the population does about 55% of the violent crime we could talk about solutions; instead we pretend egalitarianism is good, deny reality, and create an unsafe society.Most gay people were victimized as children and many go on to victimize more children, much (not all) of this is learned behavior. Instead of protecting our children and enforcing some level of moral behavior we have pride parades and child drag queens.Jews…Globalist bankers who ruin countries, pornographers, drug pushers like the Sacklers, the root of Bolshevism AND Capitalism, a people who hate and subvert anything they can’t corrupt and enslave. Their behavior is always the same everywhere they are and in every time period in which they are studied. Blindness to their nature enables them to harm the entire world.Who built the most successful nations on Earth and who came later? What race of people is not allowed a country of their own?  What is the ONLY race of people not allowed to advocate for themselves? Who is discriminated against in schools and the workplace by institutionalized power? Diversity means we ALWAYS needs less of a certain specific race of people and more or ANYTHING else who suffers? Whites need their own space. Rading through this wall of text and finding, “jews… globlist bankers who own countries” This post went off the rails like the old 97

communalconcubine: tehgore: friendly-neighborhood-patriarch: libertarirynn: Too bad more and more of these “hate crimes“ are proven hoaxes...

Ass, Children, and Head: Thread Zachary Fox and 3 others liked A$MR Rocky @ChristianMingel Trained psychologists: "Hitting your kids can cause them to be violent adults" Twitter genius: "l was hit and I never turned out violent. That's why l can't wait to hit my own kids when l get them" 1/4/18, 2:44 PM 19.2K Retweets 55.4K Likes leupagus: thebaconsandwichofregret: asexual-not-asexual-detective: Am I the only one who thinks that hitting a kid and abuse are different things? Like, if I ever had a kid, I wouldn’t spank their ass raw or something like that. But a bop on the mouth or the ear pull or a smack upside the head? Yea. Those are behavior modifiers. Except they’re not. The studies done by the trained psychologists in this joke show that little kids don’t associate being hit with the thing they’ve done wrong. Very small children only understand consequences that are directly caused by the thing they did. Steal a biscuit, biscuit tastes good. Then for no reason mummy hit me. Very different to stole a biscuit, now no biscuit after dinner because I stole a biscuit. And they also show that when a child is old enough to understand why they are being hit that non-physical punishment is equally as effective and less mentally harmful in the long run. Do you know who benefits the most from hitting as a punishment? The parent. It gives a satisfaction rush. Parents do it because it makes them feel good. Basically kids have two stages: too young to understand why they are being hit so physical punishment is useless for anything other than teaching a child that bigger stronger people can hit you whenever they like (Which sounds like the same lesson you would learn from abuse) And the second stage is old enough to be reasoned with so many punishment options are available and you chose physical violence because it makes *you* feel better, which is an abusive action. The only time a person should ever use violence against another human being, of any age, is to stop that person from being violent themselves. Parents do it because it makes them feel good.