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A Dream, Crazy, and Fucking: mister-smalls Petition to sit down all the people who make coma theories about Adventure Time and tell them "listen, this fucking show is about the last human living in a post-apocalyptic world where deadly magic has been reawakened following a global thermonuclear war that wiped out the rest of the human species, how much fucking darker do you want it to be" Even though I thought my first Creative Writing professor was kind of a douche he made a good point about this. One of our first assignments was to write in this eerie, otherworldly style (we were mimicking a specific author whose name escapes me), so we had to write about eerie otherworldly things happening. Its no exaggeration to say that more than half the class had a "big reveal" where we find out that the story's strange events and themes are all in the mind of some person in an insane asylum, or someone having a drug trip. My professor said something like, "you just successfully wrote a world that feels separate from our own, but got frightened last minute and shoe- horned in normalcy. You showed that you were afraid to commit to something different and interesting." Though I'm typically a contrarian and a piece of garbage, I am inclined to agree with my professor. I feel like people who write coma theories and the like are afraid to accept that the world of the story is separate from our own. They like everything wrapped up in this crazy little realism box where nothing out of the ordinary happens in fiction. mister-smalls you win the Best Addition to a Post prize Thank you :) This pretty well hits the nail on the head as to why I generally hate coma/dream theories and people who think they're so fucking deep for coming up with it. In my book its LAZY, plain and simple judiops I think the only times I can think of where lt was all a dream really works are in pieces like Over the Garden Wall, Ink, Coraline, and Mirrormask. In all of those the characters wake up again in their normal world, but there's a very strong implication that the dream world is as real, if not more so, than the real world, and the things they did in the dream world had a very direct impact on the waking world-not in an "Tm gonna be a better person" sense, but literally who lives and who dies at the end of the story Notably, in most of those, its stated flat-out within the first couple of minutes that the character in question is dreaming. It's not a big reveal, it's a fundamental detail of the setting If you're gonna do a dreamworld, actually commit to doing a dreamworld. Whatever it is you do, ACTUALLY COMMIT TO IT. Take Notes, Aspiring Authors