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America, Belgium, and Cute: s Whar is this cHARACTER's GEvdeR? Go so 2 Does te cleal look No Not sure plecr of hain sricking our? Yes No Na Yes No Does ile chENo DDESIİ€ clawit.KR Does he Ahog look like rhis? Yes No amole Yes No No Yes No hat biqeyebows? Yes No Ye No Yes No es No Do lieves look like dis? Grandpa Rome Does le look anwoyed? No Yes No No Does ile ch Does sle we ruo sibbors? Yes No No e-Chig Yes No ong lwin? Ye No libsexpression? Dors rib CRACER Yes No Yes No Yes No s ilee a veil wspped Does this chuxens hain srick up like thonme? No Yes No Maybe... Does this chce shoms look kppy? Yes No Yes No Yes No donamoeba: Hetalia Character Chart from Himaruya’s blog. I found this translated version, it’s a shame the character descriptions are still in Japanese, so I’ve taken the liberty to translate them here. (if anyone knows the source please let me know and I’ll add a link)It’s an older entry so many characters are not introduced yet (no Australia! ;_;) EDIT: Check out the edited version HERE! (bigger image size) Grandpa Rome: A spirited old man.  He’s very strong!Italy: The protagonist.  It’s a bit of a coincidence that he got his ahoge. (Italy: Ve~ Germany~)Romano: Italy’s older brother. It’s hard to tell whether he’s confident or timid.Norway: He’s mysterious and can see fairies!Korea: If his ahoge has a face, then it’s Korea! Try tell him apart by the face.Austria: If he keeps saying “obaka obaka” (fools!), then he’s Austria! Remember there’s no “al” in Austria!Turkey: If he says “beranme~” (bloody fools!) and likes sweet food, that’s him!Greece: If there’s a cat nearby, that’s him!  He thinks a lot.Iceland: In his own special category. If his hair curls inwards strangely that’s him.Canada: If he looks gentle and is with a bear, it’s Canada!America: If he has a small cowlick where his hair parts, it’s America!Sweden: If he speaks Tohoku dialect, then it’s definitely Su-san.Estonia: He’s supposed to be the best looking guy of the whole manga… England: He’s blunt, and he uses magic and sees fairies. Overall a fantastical guy.Sealand: He believes he’s a recognized nation without doubt. A mischievous boy.Germania: An old pal of Grandpa Rome. Doesn’t speak much and is very intimidating.Germany: If Italy has him wrapped around his finger, and he’s diligent and buff, then it must be him.Prussia: If there’s a bird nearby, and he goes “kesesese”, it’s him!France: He’s a big brother overflowing with love! Usually good looking.Ukraine: If her boobs make SFXs and she goes “Russia-chan, Russia-chan”, then it’s Older Sister Ukraine.Seychelles:  She wears two pigtails with big red ribbons.Belarus: If she’s scary, that’s her.Egypt: Still many unexplained mysteriesHoly Roman Empire: You can tell it’s him by his sideburns!China: The only girl in the Allies…or not.Poland: If he always says “Arienshi-” (no way~) then it must be him. Actually his stomach is pretty weak too.Lithuania: If he’s played around by Russia or Poland then it’s him.Lichtenstein: If Switzerland is nearby then it’s definitely her.Belgium: if she has almond-shaped eyes and speaks Shiga dialect, then it’s her.Taiwan: If she wears a lot of flowers and her eye color is black, then it’s her.Hungary: If she’s holding a frying pan, it’s definitely her.Switzerland: If he holds a gun and lectures people, it’s most likely him.Denmark: He doesn’t wear any accessories (or “plain-looking”, but I fully disagree :P)!  If he speaks with an Ibaraki dialect, it’s him.Japan: Even if he doesn’t look it, he’s an old man!Finland: Even though he has a cute face, he’s very strong! Moi!Hong Kong: A pretty robust and strong-willed guy.Russia: If he’s holding a water pipe, that’s him.  Only the end of his hair curls slightly.Spain: The boss everyone loves who goes “fusososo”. (I should add that the question is more accurately “Does this character always look happy WITH NO REAL REASON?” XDD)Latvia: If some weird kid is always bothering him and sometimes he just ends up picking a fight with Russia, that’s him.
Target, Tumblr, and Blog: ask-the-1950s-nyotalias: 1950s Belarus ASK BOX IS OPEN :)

ask-the-1950s-nyotalias: 1950s Belarus ASK BOX IS OPEN :)

Memes, Soviet, and April: D-O-D DARK SIDE DF DIMENSION Chernobyl Kecelakaan Maut Paling Tragis HUMANDoD Kecelakaan yang terjadi pada tanggal 26 April 1986 ini menjadi peringkat pertama kecelakaan terburuk dan terbesar selama sejarah dunia. Bagaimana tidak, hampir seluruh penduduk kota Ukrania diungsikan akibat kejadian ini dan perekonomian di Uni Soviet lumpuh total bahkan setelah beberapa tahun bencana Chernobyl terjadi. Belum lagi bahaya radiasi radioaktif yang terbawa oleh angin ke seluruh penjuru kota yang berdekatan dengan TKP, menebarkan kengerian pada jutaan penduduk lainnya bahkan hingga membuat negara tetangga seperti wilayah barat Rusia, Eropa Timur, Skandinavia, Inggris, dan Amerika Timur menjadi ikut-ikutan panik. Chernobyl sendiri merupakan sebuah daerah yang didalamnya terdapat PLTN (Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Nuklir) yang bekerja guna memasok pemakaian listrik diseluruh dataran Ukraina. Akibat adanya kesalahan dalam prosedur keamanan di reaktor 4, tekanan berlebih terjadi hingga menghempaskan peralatan reaktor hingga serpihan gedung setinggi 1 km ke angkasa berikut lepasnya sekitar 5,4 ton radioisotop ke daratan Belarus. Sedangkan sisa radioaktif lainnya terbang dibawa angin ke barat hingga menjangkau Kepulauan Inggris. Paparan radiasi tertinggi berada di gedung reaktor mencapai 5,6 Roentgen-detik, 202 kali lipat lebih besar daripada ambang batas dosis mematikan yakni sebesar 0,028 Roentgen-detik. Ini membuat sekitar 336.000 penduduk di sekitar wilayah Chernobyl diungsikan tanpa diberitahu apa yang sebenarnya terjadi. Celaka, mereka yang tidak tahu menjalankan aktifitas sehari-hari diluar ruangan yang sudah terpapar radiasi. Belum lagi mereka mengkonsumsi sayuran, daging dari peternakan juga air yang terkena radioaktif. Hasilnya, kanker, penyakit tulang, infeksi pernapasan, rusaknya jaringan tubuh hingga cacat mental menghantui seluruh penjuru Ukraina hingga saat ini. Sumber: bacaterus.com

HUMANDoD Kecelakaan yang terjadi pada tanggal 26 April 1986 ini menjadi peringkat pertama kecelakaan terburuk dan terbesar selama sejarah du...

Africa, Children, and Facebook: International Number Ones Because every country is the best at something 2016 edition Norway PIZZA EATERS POP MUSIC weden NEWS MEDIA in CASHLESS PAYMENTS Denmark WIND POWER START-UPS ELECTRICITY USE BILLIONAIRES WOMEN Netherlands COFFEE DRINKERS Ireland uania WORKING CONDITIONS ALCOHOL DRINKERS Belarus BEST PASSPORT Germany INNOVATION PAID TIME OFF Austria WHISKEY DRINKERS PORNSTARS Hungary DASHCAMS KIDNEY TRANSPLANTS LGBTTOLERANCE Kazakhstan URANIUM KIWI FRUITS MATERNITY LEAVE FACEBOOK ADDICTS ongolia VELOCIRAPTORS Greece CHEESE EATERS CORK TWITTER CENSORSHIP ur Kyrgyzstan WALNUT FORESTS nited Stat SPAM EMAILS orgia HOMOPHOBES anistan China OIL WEALTH HAUTE CUISINE OPIUM JAILED JOURNALISTS MEDICAL RESEARCH Taiwan Pakistan Mexico L LEMONS ppines SOCIAL NETWORKING Puerto Rico Morocco Guatema CARDAMON ARGAN OIL MURDER CHEAPEST PETROL D Honduras LEAST POLICE PEPPER Vietnam a Egypt FAT KIDS HEAVY WOMEN Venezuela Costa Rica WELL FORESTS Suriname Niger RUBBER GLOVES Malaysia ngapore HEALTHIEST PEOPLE CHILD BRIDES ARMS IMPORTS BIODIVERSITY Papua New Guinea Eritrea Yemen GENDER INEQUALITY HEALTHIEST DIETS CHiLD LABOUR GUM ARABIC Sierra Leone MATERNAL MORTALITY ria Ethiopia Indonesia MAHOGANY COCAINE UNDERWEIGHT CHILDREN South Sudarn OIL DEPENDENCY ru SCRABBLE PLAYERS COCONUTS BRAZIL NUTS EMALE GENITAL MUTILATION Liberia LOWEST PUBLIC DEBT ENTREPRENEURS ganda UNHAPPINESS CASHEWS ôte d'lvoire Par POSITIVITY Kenya DATA BREACHES on WOMEN IN PARLIAMENT FARMLAND on Chile COPPER FEMALE WORKERS Tanzania CHILD MORTALITY New Zealand CHINOOK SALMON HORSE MEAT Argentina FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS Madagascar Namibia CAR CRASHES LANGUAGES DIAMONDS GRAPHITE Mozambique South Africa DEATH COMMODITY PSYCHOLOGY ECOLOGY GASTRONOMY ECONOMY NICETY HUMANITY TECHNOLOGY NASTY David McCandless// v 2.0 Oct 2016 Research: David Mccandless, Stephanie Smith, Esther Kersley Additional Design: Fabio Bergamaschi Sources: CIA, NYTimes, Bloomberg, UN, The Economist, World Bank, Reuters, BBC, Forbes, The Guardian, WSJ & others. I/ data: http://bit.ly/lIB IntNoOnes mostly per capita / % of population data // very small countries excluded InformationIsBeautiful.net <h2>¿En qué es líder cada país del mundo?</h2><p>Libia en niños gordos.</p><p>Italia en kiwis.</p><p>Francia en bebedores de Whiskey.</p><p>Claro que sí, guapi.</p>