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Crying, God, and Lol: LEVITICUS 19:9 107 man have sexual telations with yoursell have sexual relations with her. vomit on 29"'Everyone who does respect ave sexual relations with both a woman and JUDGES 8:5 223 ater er rink Grasping go down your hands crying out go down give into your go down ands. down on the seashore your hand the inection you ridiculedt Go o inside Abimeles to the entrance of killed as they fle in Arumah, s and his clan out of Sh ext day the people the fields, and this v 3So he took his r three companies a the fields. When he I get to the edge an 714 JEREMIAH 28:13 Do not let name you or harm your heart. gath- er A Letter to the Exiles raise the sword, against them said:they scorn and reproach, not listened and again For they have again have not listened you ver . You became very 1You took your father an rubbed salt in No one looked on you with pity or had compassion er for on the day you were born you were despised your sons and daughters not enoughYou slaughtered I looked enough at you and saw that you were ACTS 27:41 1021 should en bluemantle: Recently my grandmother found out I’m queer. Her response was to tell me that she disapproves of me living with my “friend” (i.e. my girlfriend) and that I should give up my vile queer ways and become a Christian (Lol). She even sent me a bible.  Here are its remains, which I made into black-out poetry. Poem 1: Bisexual (from Leviticus 19:9)– “Have sexual relations with her.  Have sexual relations with him.  Have sexual relations with both a woman and a man.  Have sexual relations with yourself. Vomit on everyone who does not respect you.” Poem 2: Fisting (from Judges 8:5)– “water/ lap the water/ drink/go down to drink/your hands/go down/I give into your hands/go down/encouraged/down/on the seashore/the whole hand/your hand/inside/I get to the edge/and shout/grasping/crying out/Beth/Beth/Beth/Beth/Beth/God/I came” Poem 3: A Letter to the Exiles (from Jeremiah 28:13) – “Ze said: ‘Do not let lies name you, nor harm your heart. Gather. Raise the sword against them. They scorn and reproach, for they have not listened– again and again have not listened.’ ” Poem 4: Child (from Ezekiel 16:22) – “Your father and your mother rubbed salt in. No one looked on you with pity or had compassion enough for you, for on the day you were born you were despised. Live! Grow.  I looked at you and saw you were enough.” Poem 5: Father (from Ezekiel 16:22) – “You never adored us. You became very angry. You took some out on us. Your sons and daughters were not enough? You slaughtered– in all your detestable practices– our youth.” Poem 6: Misandry (from Acts 27:41) – “Dangerous men should be broken.”