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Ass, Bad, and Bbw: priscilla page @BBW_BFF 2h maybe when she returned to earth this time, she crash-landed into a Sephora I am actively angry about how the Russo brothers have Carol styled for Endgame. Why would Captain Marvel suddenly start doing full glam makeup after she's been rocking a minimalist look and then spent even more years in space??? Show this thread ti 54 18 404 wrangletangle: marzipanandminutiae: fandom-is-my-middle-name: alwayslabellavita: oh, it’s still 2012 and we’re doing that thing where a woman can only be badass and strong if she acts and looks in ways that are stereotypically manly???? lol ok Ok I’m just gonna rant about this into the void and not give a shit if anyone comes after me for having an opinion. No one who has a problem with this scene has a problem with make up overall. We stan any awesome human being irrespective of their make up choices. We just have a small teeny tiny issue with the fact that a woman whose signature look is grunge (leather + bike + rock and roll (notice the lack of make up on that list)) has suddenly found the time, in the middle of an apocalypse no doubt, to put on perfectly winged eyeliner and a very flattering shade of lipstick to pair with a sexy top. Not that she looks bad cuz she looks fucking awesome with or without make up and my very bi ass should know. But we just think it’s a teeny tiny coincidence that when a woman was directing this character, she was rocking a typical grunge look and the second the she was put in a dude’s hands, she has on make up that doesn’t fit in with their predicament at all. (this is probably the most polite I can be about this…. Ask @albarosa27. I spent an entire screaming about this with her.) it’s like when Emma Swan got Stepford-ized on Once Upon A Time all over again. there’s nothing wrong with the look in general, but it contradicts the character’s established aesthetic preferences Real life women can wear whatever they want, and I better not hear a word about it from anyone. Female characters who suddenly change their styles when given to the control of a male creator are deeply suspect. The difference is agency. Stop making excuses for blatant sexism; sexist men love it when women lay covering fire for them.