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Bad, Beer, and Butt: yveinthesky: earthgirl2788: neveratrest: gallusrostromegalus: allthingshyper: gallusrostromegalus: soup-that-is-2-hot: everything-is-stickers: brummbart: Wasserspeier am Freiburger Münster WINTER IS A BAD TIME. What it feels like to chew 5 Gum IT’S MY FAVORITE GARGOYLE BACK AGAIN FOR WINTERTIME. I want to know the exact conversation that lead to the creation of this abomination Ye olde German architect: “ok, it’s time to put in the rainspouts and last night I was out with the lads and Hans had too much and the point is I had the FUNNIEST idea…” *Holds up drawing* Ye olde German Architect Supervisor: * snorts beer out of his nose.* “YES. BUILD IT IMMEDIATELY.” That’s gussy babe Sooooo I just came back from studying in Freiburg and went on a tour of the Münster with a historian who knew all of the insider secrets and the story is even better than you think.  It took more than 300 years to build the Freiburger Münster (1200s-1500s), so they went through a lot of architects and people who paid those architects. Some of the patrons were dicks and one of those dicks lived in a house right next to the Münster. The asshat kept demanding they work faster and changed his mind every five hours about what he wanted and THEN he refused to pay the architects because he wasn’t happy with what they’d done.  That really pissed the builders off so in retaliation, the head architect built the butt gargoyle facing his house so that every morning for the rest of his life, when the dick looked out his window at the Münster, he’d have to look at a gargoyle butt. So, the defecating gargoyle is a big fat “fuck you” to someone’s dick of a boss that has survived 500 years and two world wars  *standing ovation*