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Bad, Crying, and Dick Pics: nikki @vianikki DUDE!! This fucking woman came to my house and asked me to come outside and help her out with her broken car. She was crying and sobbing. My mom wanted to go outside and help, but thank the fucking lord I trusted my intuition and said no. Be careful EVERYONE! This happened in FV 12:54 il LTE Mike Duarte < Sunday at 8:11 PM Don't open the door if you see this lady!!! It was posted on the Ring app that she asked for help pushing her broken down truck at 3am. Home owner wisely said no and turned off the lights. He then watched the woman go back to her truck and 2 men got in with her and they drove away. Another person said they saw her on the side of the road with her hood up. They stopped to ask if she needed assistance and saw two men come out of the bushes...they quickly drove away before anything bad could happen..BE CAREFUL PEOPLE!!! Write a comment... GIF (:) II nikki @vianikkii for those who are asking, this happened in Fountain Valley (OC area). Please focus on this issue and beware of your surroundings rather than sending me dick pics. Ty 12:20 AM Sep 19, 2019 Twitter Web App embraced-by-chaos: moniquill: whyyoustabbedme: uncommonbish: Don’t trust this white woman! Be careful! reblog asap Adulting tip: don’t want to abandon someone who might actually be in trouble but also don’t want to fall victim to a human trafficking scam? Offer to let this person keep standing on your porch while you call a mechanic or tow service (If they’re posing as victims of violence, like in a similar scam, same offer but say you’re calling the cops) A person in actual distress will be assisted and thankful. A scammer will storm off.   ^^^^^ This right here. Please don’t let random assholes keep your from helping people who really need it. Keep yourself safe without abandoning everyone else.