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With all these “secret hidden room in the new house” posts lately…omg-humor.tumblr.com: After moving in to our new House in keland we removed some of the old fumiture because the house was very old and many werent in a good shape at all. Under one big cabinet we recognized two rings in the floor and after taking out a block of bles we found this, It was a stairway down into an to us unknown cellar. After we got a flashlight we walked down this stairs to find ourselves in a big not known cellar. To this point things weren't too strange, because in Iceland people often used celars like this to kaep their food Due to the tamperatures n keland you don't need a fridge if you have something like this But after a bit of walking around in the cellar we noticed that there was a door in one of these sidealleys you can see in the picture. It wasn't locked so we went right theough to find ourselves in a long tunnel It was hard to tell how far we walked in this tunnel, but it must have been at least 1km, when the tunnel sudderly started to look natural. There were no more bricks. Instead itbecame a cave. The ground became wet and the water was about 10cm deep. It was really cold and at this point we went back to get clothes and a pair of rubber boots to go on in this tunnel. A stony cave in this part of iceland is not very strange but it looked like it was formed and enlarged by human hands. After walking another few hundred meters, the water disappeared and the tunnel was going down into a more cavelike structure. After a bit of a climb down we suddenly hit a wooden door. Ater opening it we sawa big room in which a ray of light hit a gravestone, but we couldn't read what was written on it I guess it was written in the old tongue of the Vikings. It was still magnificent and very breathtaking to see this old structure and this amazing room with its athmosphere After some more loaking around my wife ecognized a wellike structure with a skeleton beside it. Sadly my wife was so clumsy that she pushed the skeleton down into the well by accident. After moments of incredible noise, there was silence again. But then we noticed a strange noise. Drums Coming from the deep of this well Quickly we turned around back into the cave But it was too late, my wife got hit by an arow and i had to leve her behind. I ran like hell was behind me and made it back to our house after a run which seemed ike decades. I blocked the secret passage in our house and quickly, still crying about the loss of my beloved wife. started to make this post so everyone will know what hides in the deeps of iceland But what is that? Drums Drums in the deep They are coming FUNNY STUF ON MEHEPIX COM With all these “secret hidden room in the new house” posts lately…omg-humor.tumblr.com

With all these “secret hidden room in the new house” posts lately…omg-humor.tumblr.com