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Mom drops off kid to a Somalian prison and returns to the US [TRUE STORY 100%]: Today at 7:43 PM alright but i warned u Beginning of November, my mom says let's go check on your father's grave in Nairobi, Kenya." | loved my father very much as a child, he used to be the nice parent when my mother was the mean parent. He died on May 1, 2016 in Nairobi, Kenya. Anyways, me loving my father, told my mother "Sure, mom why not, I haven't seen his grave in years." Little did I know my whole family was plotting something even huge than my father's death. December comes around and we leave and go to Nairobi, Kenya. Once we arrived at Nairobi, Kenya. My mom started acting fucking weird as hell. She told me I couldn't leave the Hotel or anything, we were at the Hotel named "Grand Royal Hotel", it was fucking good. We stayed in the room for 2 days and she said, "Apparently, dad got moved to Somalia." My first thoughts were "Damn, that's sad looks like we're going back to the US." Instead, my mom said "We're going to Somalia tomorrow morning." I didn't believe her, I thought she was joking about that because Somalia is a dead country with terrorist running it and shit. But she wasn't joking, the next morning we left Kenya and went to Somalia, we came to the Airport and I left like I was playing a video game. Everything looked fucking weird and dumb. Somali people who worked there tried to speak English but weren't able to speak it so when spoke you heard "Hello Welcome Somalia yes" I didn't care to be honest, we left the Airport and went to a Hotel. On the way to the Hotel, I was amazed and surprised. The roads are fucked up, holes everywhere in the road. Three Wheels were taxis, every car was white, the Somali Military were on the streets eating grass (I later find out that it's a drug), we get to the Hotel and I go to sleep and when I wake up.. It's the next day, December 7th. I woke up at 11 AM, hungry af. I asked my mom if we could go to McDonalds, but she said "You're dumb." and started laughing. I ordered Fries and a Coke, used my phone (iPhone 8 Plus) until 1 PM, around 1:30 PM my mom says "Let's go check out your dad's grave", I say "ok" and we leave.... We come outside and I meet a Black Ass Nigga named and electric wires, I'm like what type of graveyard is this? They ignore me and beeps his car" and the gate opens, I look around and I find out that this isn't a graveyard but a prison. 3 black men come to my door and open it and tell me to come out, I'm staring at my mom to say something but she doesn't. I hop outta the car for some reason and they put me in a big room (The Office), I sit down expecting my mom to come out or something but instead she comes and gives me a kiss on the forehead and says "Welcome to your new home" I didn't understand at that time but then I later did. After she kissed me, she went on the car and left. I got up and said "wtf" | started walking to the exit of the office and then the 3 black guys who are guards come to me and say sit down, I say no, then they force me on the ground and search me. After that, they picked me up and totok me to a small dark af room and put me inside. I stayed inside of there for about 2 or 3 hours,I later find out it was 2 and a half. When they put the door of the dark room (The room is called "CityPlus" they named it that) my eyes hurted and they told me to come out, I did and they took me to sit down, then they put chains on my legs (cross), then they put me in a room full of people. Long story short, that room was filled with people who got kicked from their country, gangsters, killers, gay people, rapist, etc. There were people who were 60, 50, 40, 30, 20. Believe it or not, but I was the youngest of (I later find out he's my stepdad), he introduces himself as a friend and we hop on his car and we leave the hotel. We come to a big ass gate with barbed wires speeds into the gate and the gate closed hard. I can still remember sound of the gate slamming, locks locking and car speeding. them all. A lot of them were locals (people born in Somalia) and some were from America, Canada, UK, Germany, Austria, etc. I meet a nigga from Minnesota (who Im from), he was 18. I meet another nigga from California, he was 25. I meet a nigga from Canada, his name was I was locked up for 10 months, in and out. On the third month, I got a thing called "Process" it's when they trust you and shit. If you have Process, you can leave every Thursday and come back on Friday. Then after a while on Process, I got my phone back and I started emailing the Embassy, they said "We can't help you because you're under the age of 18." so I was fucked badly. I got transferred 3 times. The first prison I went to was called "Gargaar Group" they have ad on youtube I later find out we're cousins in a way. He's 24 or somet hing. Sadly, he's still locked up but I plan on calling the Canada Embassy when I come back to the US. The other 2, I don't know how to type because it's in somali. Anyways, for 10 months I tried my hardest to talk to my mom but she said no you're staying there. Then I convinced her sister (even those her sister was apart of it), her sister said you've been there long enough, time to come home. So they talked to my mom and now im coming back. Nov 3rd, I'm going back to the US. The End. Mom drops off kid to a Somalian prison and returns to the US [TRUE STORY 100%]