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Memes, ๐Ÿค–, and Answers: Brains are the new beauty DOL I turned off the comments. 540 dummies later. And everyone is missing the point. In fact you're all proving it by not reading the caption. And now that you cant comment I hope you took the time to read this....... When you have it all; a beautiful brain, a beautiful soul, and you exude beauty, there's only one word to describe you...... Dangerous๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Ž especially when you don't have to fake up to do it๐Ÿ˜ soooo clearly I have to elaborate on this because you girls arent understanding.. YOU DONT NEED A FAKE ASS AND FAKE TITS AND 5 LAYERS OF MAKEUP TO BE BEAUITFUL AND SMART. HER SKIN CHANGING IS THE SPRAY TAN WEARING OFF. THE BLONDE TO BRUNETTE IS THE HAIR DYE COMING OUT. IT'S HER TRANSFORMING BACK INTO HER NATURAL BEAUTIFUL SELF. YOU CAN DRESS HOW YOU WANT AND BE SMART. YOU CAN BE BEAUITFUL AND BE SMART. BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A FAKE ASS BITCH. STOP LETTING SOCIETY DETERMINE HOW YOU SHOULD LOOK AND WHATS BEAUTIFUL. STOP LETTING THE MEDIA DICTATE HOW YOU SHOULD FEEL ABOUT YOURSELF. STOP TRYING TO CONVINCE YOURSELF THAT ASS INJECTIONS IS THE ANSWER TO YOUR SELF-ESTEEM PROBLEMS. STOP TRYNA FIX YOUR FACE AND PUT IT IN A BOOK. STOP TRYNA LOOK LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. NOT ALL MEN WANT A FAKE ASS CHICK. AND THE FAKER YOU GET THE LESS THEY WANT YOU. STOP TRYNA ARGUE WITH ME. I GOT MY CAPS ON LOCK AND WE COULD GO ALL DAY. BE HAPPY WITH YOURSELF. EDUCATE YOURSELF ON LIFE, WORK ON YOURSELF FROM THE INSIDE OUT. YOUR FAKE ASS WILL FALL OFF. YOUR FACE PAINT WONT HELP YOU. IF YOU'RE UGLY INSIDE AND YOU'RE DUMB AS NAILS ALL THOSE INJECTIONS AND MAKEUP APPLICATIONS WONT SAVE YOU.. GET IT? GOT IT? GOOD... IM MAPHUCKIN TIED. You bitches are exhausting fr..... HearMeOut TripleThreat AintNoOneLikeMe IGotIt All3 LuckyNumber 3s Dangerous Savage SheIsDope Brains Beauty Soul Love Sex Magic DopeSouk OneOfAKind IChecked Cupcake Deadly ARabbs RogerThat ARabbit