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America, Apparently, and Bad: A MEN POC P SE ONLY THE STRONG WILL SURVIVE MAY 27 Fox Apologizes For 'X-Men: Apocalypse' Chokehold Ad deadline.com 111 Shares Comment Share I Like 214 Will Gough Yeah, I mean God forbid an ancient super powered being, hell bent on World destruction, holds someone by their throat It's almost like he's a bad guy or something Friday at 21:01 Edited Like 137 Reply innginip com emgiilip com Will Gough Yeah, mean God forbid an ancient super powered being, hell bent on World destruction, holds someone by their throat. It's almost like he's a bad guy or something Friday at 21:01 Edited. Like 137 Reply Erin Bell Okay, then let's compare the number of film advertisements with a woman being violently attacked assaulted by a man versus a man being violently attacked/assaulted by a man. Friday at 22:25 Like 3 Reply Will Gough Totally, mean it's not like the trailer for X- Men: Apocalypse has the titular villain slam James McAvoy into a wall. Oh, wait. Friday at 22:26 Like 5. Reply emgflip com Will Gough There's also this COMING SOON Friday at 22:32 Like 3. Reply Will Gough Oh oh and this DIVIDED WE FALL CNI WAR inngifilip com Chaz Harris They are both fighting in action poses treating them as equals in the BvsS poster and the shield is separating Iron Man and Captain America from any direct violence Friday at 22:35. Like 1. Reply Rachael Branas This comment. I 100% agree with you. Everyone is so bothered by everything. don't know what planet the people that are complaining live on I however do not live on a planet where x-men exist. It's for a movie. The violence against male and female characters exist on tv and in movies. Kim possible fights men. Wilma and Velma from scooby doo faced the opposite sex. guess we should just ensure that all future movies and tv shows only use the same sex to fight each other. Watch out black widow you no longer can seduce men to get them where you want them in a fight because your not allowed to be a bad Friday at 22:39 Unlike 4 Reply inngifilip com Erin Bell Both men are on their feet and in control. Neither is fully dominating the shot. Equal stance, equal fighting partners. Friday at 22:48 Like 1 Reply Will Gough Ya, it was really equal when Batman beat the ving shit out of Supes in the movie. Totally equal Friday at 22:48 Edited Like Reply Erin Bell Captain America has a shield; he is still in control. He is crowding out Iron Man Friday at 22:49 Like Reply Will Gough So I guess Prof X was in control when Apocalypse slammed him into a wall? guess Iron Man was in control when Bucky AND Cap teamed up and shield bashed his face in? The list goes on and on and on. Friday at 22:51. Like 2 Reply Erin Bell An Here's myl many other people's point: this ad like all ads, is made up of a series of choices This billboard for the movie shows a female character being choked by what appears to be a male-ish villain. But it doesn't actually matter that the villain is male; the ad is still depicting violence aginst a woman (who yes, happens to have powers to mutate into any gender, but that's not really who she is those are just her powers). There was mention of James McAvoy being slammed into a wall ok, yes, that's violence against a man. But is his airway being closed? Are his feet off the ground? He can probably still get up, dust himself off, and get back into the fight. Mystique doesn't have that option in this ad Mystique's powers don't let her overcome great acts of physical violence. She can die from this. TL DR why not have Prof. X being choked and Mystique slammed against a wall? Friday at 22:59 Like Reply emgiilip com inngflip com Will Gough Yeah, McAvoy can't really get up, dust himself off and get back to the fight cause he can't walk. Oh that's right yeah, he got shot in the spine thanks to Magneto (a dude). And also, yes his feet are off the ground. He's literally picked up by his feet and thrown like a rag doll. Also you're saying she could die from a choke hold but Prof X couldn't die from being thunder fucked into a bloody wall? Give over. Also Mystique dusts her self off after Apocalypse grabs her, she chose to fight him despite her lack of fight powers compared to his. It's actually important that she does. Or would you rather she (and Jean and Storm and Psylocke) just stand back and let the guys fight? TL DR: Girl fights and stands up for her friends? You complain. Girl stands at the back and let's the guys fight? You complain. Friday at 23:05 Edited Like 8 Reply Erin Bell Like, if her character dies bc her powers can't stand up against him, that's storytelling. But cinematography is about realizing the power of the image. There are implications behind a male-appearing person withholding choice/ breath from a female-appearing person. The way the ad designer made her tiny compared to him; the tagline about how only strong will survive (aka not her apparently)...it's the same reason you won't see a white supervillain casually choking a black/POC superhero Being a fictional character doesn't excuse the character from the rules of the real world. This might not have been as big of an issue if they chose any other battle still. Friday at 23:10 Like Reply emgiilip com emgiilip com Will Gough She looks small because Apocalypse is a big motherfucker. Also it's a screenshot from the movie not a poster poster. She does survive tho, you muppet. Also Thor choked Tony Stark (sans armour) like this in Age of Ultron and Black Panther and Falcon fought a bunch of white dudes in Civil War. "Rules of the real World" really do not fucking apply to a genocidal maniac mutant who at that point in the movie had killed thousands of people. Friday at 23:15 Edited Like 8 Reply flip Chris Kurtz When Mystique is being choke held in the poster for a movie, from a scene where she made Apocalypse a nice dinner, or after coming home from work, only to say the "wrong" thing that incites him to beat up on her, and choke hold her; then I'll scream domestic violence l'll scream that this glorifies violence against women. Until then, Erin and others like you, GET. A. GRIP Mystique is a character, from a movie. She is in full MYSTIQUE mode here (not every day woman mode), using her mutant powers. Her sex is ENTIRELY secondary, if it lists at all, in this (just the way it should be, right?! Equality.) She, like other mutants, are getting their butts handed to them by a very bad character. In. A. Comic book/superhero Movie. Not a dramatization of real life, not real life It's FANTASY. The moment you start censoring the fantasy in a movie, it's the moment you start censoring creativity. And how dare you try to take that from the world?! This is an artistic expression of a tense scene in the movie. Not REAL LIFE. And if you can't tell the difference, l'd suggest you heavily immerse yourself in therapy. Because just because you have trouble telling the difference doesn't mean the rest of the world must be censored for you. inngifilip com Steven Haar Be careful while stating logic and facts while putting people like Erin Bell in her place. You may be accused of being mysogynist. And since Mystique is blue, l'm surprised the politically incorrect pc police hasn't also branded the poster racist. Yesterday at 00:16 Like 5 Reply flip Jaho Koo I remember a variation of this being on the billboards in Europe everywhere Yesterday at 15:27 Like Reply Alfredo Ramos Yesterday at 18:14 Like Reply X-treme violence against women