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Community, Doctor, and Facebook: MEDICAL MIRACLE: MAN'S BRAIN TUMOR VANISHES WITHOUT SURGERY Several doctors are dumbfounded after finding a patient’s suspected malignant brain tumor disappeared without surgical treatment, giving the patient a renewed sense of hope. CBS Sacramento reported Friday that the neurosurgeons and specialists in charge of treating Paul Wood, a patient from Lodi, California, are scratching their heads after brain scans revealed his tumor disappeared the day before he was scheduled for surgery. Wood, a father and volunteer in his community, noticed something was amiss several months ago when he could barely stand up straight. “I had massive headaches, I couldn’t walk down the hallway without holding on to the walls,” he said. The Lodi man went to his primary care doctor, who referred him to a neurosurgeon at UC San Francisco. The neurosurgeon said his brain was bleeding, but radiologists said there was evidence of a tumor. Wood, who considers himself a man of faith, turned to his community for support. But what he did not expect was the overwhelming amount of prayer and support for him on social media. “My phone is blowing up, my Facebook is prayer after prayer, all over California,” said Wood. When doctors took another brain scan the day before his operation, they canceled the surgery because the tumor had disappeared. Wood said it was nothing short of a “miracle” from God. “It’s a miracle and that is the way God planned it,” he said. Wood’s doctor struggled to explain why the tumor disappeared, admitting that there are some things “that we can’t explain.” “We do tests and we have medical technology and we try to come up with some conclusion… sometimes things happen that we can’t explain,” said Dr. Richard.

Several doctors are dumbfounded after finding a patient’s suspected malignant brain tumor disappeared without surgical treatment, giving the...

Climbing, Fall, and Funny: SHORT MEN! - w4m Are you a shorter man under the height of 5"? Do you have a sense of adventure? Do you like trying new experiences? Are you available in the next few days? Text me and let me know! do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers o email to friend best of 1 Back Contact Today 9:31 PM Hello Hello! Who is this? This is Isaac. i'm responding to a personal you posted looking for a date. Do you have any pics? Hold on there, Isaac. Is this the post looking for a man under the height of 5'? yes is I have to be honest, Isaac. I'm not actually looking for a date. I'm looking to hire a shorter man for a single task, for about an 1 hour. Well Paid. Nothing Sexual and Completely Above Board. How much and what $250 Ok, what's the job? My young son, Andrew, keeps opening his bedroom window at night even though I keep telling him not to. It's full-on winter right now and he's blowing up the heating bill when he does it. So if you agree, I'm going to tell him that if he doesn't close the window, a fat evil dwarf will climb into his window and steal all of his toys. I have a ladder for you to climb up to the window and walkie talkies for us to talk When you start climbing into the window, make lots of panting/grunting sounds to wake Andrew. When I hear him yell, I will run into the room with a large broom and bug repellent which I will spray you with before shoving you out of the window with the broom. I have purchased a very large bean bag bed from Sharper Image that we will put under the window for you to fall onto (only about 15 feet). 12AM would be the best time as I know Andrew will be asleep. I can also providea written reference you may add to your employment portfolio. is This is real? Yes, Isaac. And I need results. For sure its fine little job for little men.

For sure its fine little job for little men.